Jawline Contouring

One of the areas that are dramatically affected with aging is the jawline. Many patients are interested to know if there’s ways they can reduce the signs of aging without having to deal with the cost, invasiveness and downtime of surgical procedures. For some people, they may just have a weaker looking jawline or a receding jawline and can befit form jaw fillers or facial slimming / jaw slimming additional definition or volume. Dermal fillers can help just about anyone who wants to contour, tight and reshape the look of their jawline while not dealing with the more severe issues associated with surgery. There are some widespread complaints and issues raised by people when it comes to the look of their aging jawline and what options we may use to approach rejuvenating or contouring this region of the face.

Wrinkles On The Chin And Jawline: 

Wrinkles and dimples in the chin/jawline area may bother many patients which is why so many of them inquire about dermal fillers to potentially improve the look of this common sign of aging or other imperfections they find less than ideal in the same area. Dimples, lines, wrinkles and creases can all have volume added using dermal fillers and when done well will leave a smooth and more aesthetically pleasing result. Depending on the brand of fillers used and if it’s in conjunction with anti wrinkle treatments effects will typically last anywhere between 4 months to a year on average, but if lasting time is really import to you mention this to your Cosmetic Doctor you may be surprised by what they can suggest reducing the time between visits. Botox relaxes the underlying muscles and contributes to smooth out the area, while dermal fillers add volume to indents and other areas to level out or provide more size to the region to help balance out the patients look or enhance particular facial features depending on their needs and desired outcome.

Sagging Jawline: 

One of the most apparent signs of aging is the jawline beginning to sag. Both surgical and non- invasive procedures can tighten up the area and help in restoring a youthful and naturally healthier looking appearance. Replacing the volume loss that comes with aging can lift the neckline and jaw enough that the difference can be quite dramatically affected while looking natural. For these types of procedures hyaluronic acid (HA) based gel fillers and in some cases collagen-stimulators work well for adding the volume needed to bring the patient back to a look where they feel far more confident and look less affected by aging.

Weak Jawline and Receding Chin:

Dermal fillers are often the ideal treatment option for those struggling with a jawline with weak definition or receding chin. Often, this is not even age related but it can be though is more often genetic and if surgery is not the right option of preferable by the patient using dermal fillers to augment the area can be a fantastic solution. A skilled cosmetic doctor can use dermal fillers to very effectively define, shape and sculpt the jawline depending on the patients desired look and other factors such as the patient’s natural facial structure. While men typically would be looking for a “strong and chiseled” look, women are often more concerned with smoother more youthful looks by removing wrinkles and replenishing lost volume or adding it for enhancing certain features. Your cosmetic doctor may recommend a hyaluronic acid based filler, collagen-stimulating injection or even perhaps non-surgical chin augmentation through fat grafting. No matter which you go, all of these approaches and techniques have been proven to be effective at dealing with receding or weak jawlines. It may come down to what your cosmetic doctor recommends from their experience would lead to the best outcome, price, downtime, recovery time, lasting period as most procedures will vary in this regard speak to your Cosmetic Doctor about your priorities and work on the best plan to get the results you want while fitting your situation. Dermal fillers are a growing trend due to many factors especially their effectiveness while still being non-invasive. If you are thinking perhaps dermal fillers could be a good option or other treatments for your chin and any other aesthetic issues you may be facing. You can book a consultation with Skin Club in Melbourne and talk with one of our experienced Cosmetic Doctors and find out what the best treatment might be for you. Our track record speaks for itself and we have no doubt you will be impressed by our service, call (03) 9999 7368 to book a no-obligation consultation and reach for your aesthetic goals.

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