Many people have developed large or hypertrophic masseter muscles. For some, these are a natural result of the human anatomy, while others have accepted that these are a part of their genes. However, others acquire these jaw conditions by excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching when they are asleep or when they feel stressed and anxious.

The overuse of the masseter muscles from habitual teeth grinding or jaw clenching is known as bruxism. This condition makes the masseter muscles larger and over-developed coupled with a feeling of heaviness. When this happens, the shape of the lower jaw will create a square or round facial outline.

What are masseter muscles?

Masseters are a group of jaw muscles found on both sides of the lower face. They are the muscles that are responsible for chewing food, talking, clenching the jaw, and gritting your teeth. All thanks to these jaw muscles, you can enjoy munching on your favourite calamari, fairy bread, gozleme, and cruffins.

As much as you enjoy these foods, others suffer from unwarranted teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Unfortunately, these habits put too much pressure on the masseter muscles, hence, affecting the aesthetics of the jaw.

Constantly over-contracting your masseter muscles may also lead to temporomandibular joint disorder. This is a condition that leads to severe jaw pain and headaches. When this happens it can also affect the quality of your everyday life.

How can you treat overworked masseter muscles?

Just like any other muscle parts of the body, the masseter muscles also need a break from over-contracting caused by bruxism and temporomandibular joint disorder. Several cosmetic treatments can help address these conditions and promote a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Not only are these treatments ideal for alleviating pain and discomfort caused by excessive teeth grinding and jaw clenching, but also provides aesthetic improvements for your facial structures.

Our Mentone jaw slimming treatments help the masseter muscles to relax while achieving a more reduced jawline volume. These treatments involve the administration of Botox or anti-wrinkle injections into the masseter bulk of the jaws to create a slimmer and more feminine jawline. Aside from relaxing and slimming down the masseter muscles, jawline slimming treatments also help combat other facial skin issues on the jaw and its surrounding structures. It can help reduce signs of skin aging including jowl, wrinkles, fine lines, and loosened neck skin.

What is the best jawline slimming treatment near Mentone?

While there is no single treatment that is applicable for everyone, the administration of Botox provides both aesthetic and medical benefits for those who want to have slimmer jaws. Botox offers a transformation from a square or round face into a more natural, youthful, and feminine silhouette. This treatment is proven safe and there are very rare instances of complications and side effects.

Botox provides time and cost-efficient results while helping you acheive the jawline contour that you have been dreaming of. It also helps combat jowls, deep-seated lines and other signs of skin aging and sun damage. And for patients suffering from bruxism and temporomandibular joint disorder, Botox is clinically proven to help jaw muscles to relax while alleviating pain and discomfort.

Jaw Slimming Treatment with Botox

During the consultation, your trusted cosmetic doctors servicing Mentone will evaluate the condition of your jaws. After careful diagnosis, your doctor will discuss with you the pros and cons of Botox for slimming down your jawline. In case Botox is not the right treatment for you or if it is best combined with other facial treatments, your doctor will help you understand why it is so.

Right before the procedure, your cosmetic doctor will apply a numbing cream which is usually a topical sedative to help reduce pain and discomfort during the procedure. On average, about three doses of Botox will be administered on each side of the face to help relax the masseter muscles.

After the treatment, your cosmetic doctor may require you to apply a cold compress to reduce signs of swelling and bruising. You may also be prevented from practising yoga or engaging in any strenuous physical activities and exercises.

Botox offers virtually no downtimes as you may drive home unaccompanied or return to work right after the treatment. However, you should still follow the aftercare regimens that your cosmetic doctor may prescribe. Signs of swelling and bruising after the treatment will mellow down within a few hours.

While the recovery time is between two to four weeks, you will only notice the results taking their toll as you reach the sixth week following the treatment. By this time, any or most of the swelling and bruising should have settled down. After about six months or when you feel that your masseter muscles are beginning to feel heavy, you may visit our skin clinic near Mentone to have a subsequent jaw slimming treatment with Botox.

Is Botox safe? 

Botox has been proven safe for most cosmetic and medical treatments. These are Botulinum toxin substances that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA in providing relief and comfort in patients whether cosmetically or medically.

SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors uses only the highest quality of FDA-approved Botox products that are guaranteed safe and reliable. Our skin clinic aims to provide residents of Mentone and the nearby communities the jawline slimming results that they deserve.

How long does jaw slimming with Botox last?

As you notice the amazing effects of Botox after six to eight weeks following your treatment, you can enjoy this result between six months to two years. Depending on the type of Botox used and the metabolic system of your skin, you may be recommended to return for subsequent treatment after three to six months. This can help maintain the contour of your jawline that you desire.

Get that Jawline You Desire

Jawline slimming treatment with Botox offers a fast and safe procedure. It also offers little to no downtime with at least a month of recovery time. While the results are temporary, it provides lasting and reliable results. Getting your jawline slimming treatment can help you acheive a slimmer and younger appearance while creating a V-line silhouette along your jaws.

Are you ready to get those attractive and appealing jawlines that you have been dreaming of?

Now, is the right time to visit and consult SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors for the best jaw slimming Mentone!


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