Do you feel like your jaw is too wide?

Does your jaw feel somewhat heavy?

Or do you think that your jaws are robustly square?

Although having a square or an overly round jawline is sometimes hereditary or anatomically normal, others may not feel so happy about it. In some cases, it makes young ladies feel conscious and embarrassed, hence, they wish to have slimmer and more feminine jawlines.

In some cases, however, people acquire square jawlines as a result of bruxism. This is a sleeping disorder where a person unconsciously grinds his or her teeth or clenches his or her jaws while sleeping or when he or she feels anxious or stressed. When a person habitually grinds teeth or clenches jaws, the masseter muscles tend to be overworked, hence, increasing the jaw size with a heavy feeling.

Whether the reason is genetics or bruxism, people who wish to have slimmer jaws can acheive it with our slimming jawline treatments in Brighton. Indeed, having a V-line contoured jaw is not just aesthetically appealing but also rejuvenating and relaxing.

Benefits of Jawline Slimming Treatments

Getting a Brighton jawline slimming treatment provides various benefits for patients who suffer from bruxism and those who inherit their jawline features from their elders.

Here are some benefits of jawline slimming treatments:

  • It relaxes the masseter muscles resulting in a softer lighter feel along your jawlines;
  • The pain and discomfort that bruxism sufferers feel are alleviated if not eliminated;
  • It reduces the size of the jaws and with a couple of treatments, your jaw will acheive the V-line contour that you desire;
  • The procedure is relatively fast as it takes about twenty to forty-five minutes to complete one session;
  • There are minimal downtimes which include mild to moderate swelling and bruising;
  • The recovery period is between two to six weeks;
  • It also targets and treats signs of aging line wrinkles and jowls;
  • You will notice that your jaws have improved texture and structure;
  • Jawline slimming techniques are safe and effective, and it lasts for at least six months; and
  • It can reduce teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

Jawline Slimming Treatment

Jawline slimming procedures transform a masculine square jawline into a slimmer more feminine contour. These treatments may include the use of Botox or anti-wrinkle injections.


Botox has many cosmetic and medical advantages. It can help reduce the size of your jaws while promoting balance and symmetry in your facial features. It works by providing relaxation to your over-contracted jaw muscles. When your muscles are numb and unable to contract, they tend to soften and become intact, hence, compressing the tissues making them look slimmer and younger.

While Botox administered on the upper face settles within seven to ten days, Botox used for jawline slimming may take longer to exhibit the modification you are expecting. However, the amazing results of Botox in slimming your jawline may last between six months to two years.

Botox can also combat jowls and deep-seated lines on your jaws, chin and cheeks. It also provides relief from the pain and discomfort caused by bruxism. However, Botox is not recommended for pregnant and lactating moms. It is always best to seek the advice of your trusted cosmetic doctors in Brighton.

Anti-wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections administered into the masseter muscles weakens and relaxes them, hence, creating a slimming effect on your jaws. By injecting anti-wrinkle injections into the jawline muscles, the squareness or roundness of your jaw can be reduced significantly.

This procedure offers virtually no downtime and starts to show visible improvements in as fast as seven to ten days. The results of jawline slimming treatment using anti-wrinkle injections can last for about four to eight months. Using anti-wrinkle injections are proven safe, fast and effective while promoting reliable and relatively lasting results.

Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery is the surgical procedure for toning down the jawlines. This procedure is used to reshape the jaw and the chin. It helps enhance and define the appearance of your jawline by reducing the size of your jawbone.

Jawline surgery works by shaving your jawbone to the size that you desire. This treatment aims to acheive facial feminization. The jawbone reduction focuses on smoothening any protrusions of the jaw, especially just below your ear. This gives the face an overall slimmer and youthful look.

Our Takeaway

Just like any other cosmetic procedures, the results of jawline slimming treatments vary on the treatment used, the extent of your jaw condition, and the recuperating mechanism of your body. The use of Botox and anti-wrinkle injections can help relax the masseter muscles and reduce the size of your jaws.

Non-surgical treatments provide faster, safer, more effective, and relatively lasting results. These treatments also have lower risks of complications and infections since they are minimally invasive as compared to orthognathic surgery. They also entail minimal downtime and a shorter recovery period.

Whether you opt for non-surgical treatments or jawline surgery, it is best to consult your trusted cosmetic surgeons and doctors in Brighton. Our professional and highly skilled doctors will thoroughly evaluate the condition of your jaw and recommend the best jawline slimming treatment that will work best for you and your lifestyle.

SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors is the leading provider of Botox and anti-wrinkle injections that can help combat your jawline woes. All our jawline slimming procedures are guaranteed safe and effective. We use only Botox and anti-wrinkle injections to ensure that we acheive the jawline goals that you desire.

Visit SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors and try our jaw slimming Brighton today for more feminine and youthful-looking jawlines!


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