What is jaw slimming?

Jaw slimming is a cosmetic procedure where the size and shape of the jawline are reduced to acheive a more feminine and desirable V-line contour. This procedure is becoming more popular over the years because of its amazing and reliable results.

Factors that Affect the Shape and Size of the Face


While some people may not notice the changes that happen to their facial structures, most are getting conscious about how their face seem to harmonise with the flow of aging. Although most people take aging lightly, others may feel embarrassed, anxious, and distressed about how their appearance has aged over time.


The process of ageing is not the only factor that contributes to the shape of your face. Your facial features may also be attributed to your genes. This is a very common and natural origin of a person’s facial structures. Indeed, an individual would normally take on the physical attributes of his or her parents.

Bruxism and Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

Aside from genetics and aging, the contour and size of your lower facial features may have something to do with the activeness of your jaw muscles known as masseters. These muscles are responsible for the “open and close” movements of your jaws. In some instances, the masseter muscles tend to over contract resulting in bruxism or temporomandibular joint disorder.

What are bruxism and temporomandibular joint disorder?

Bruxism is the habitual grinding of teeth and clenching of jaws when you are asleep or when you feel envious and stressed. Temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD, on the other hand, is the severe pain and discomfort that runs through the jaw joints and jaw muscles. Bruxism, over-clenching, jaw injury, and neck arthritis are the common causes of TMD.

Why should you opt for a jaw slimming procedure?

In this modern world, many cosmetic procedures have emerged to help patients acheive the appearance and aesthetic enhancement that they have been dreaming of. These procedures are becoming more and more available to humankind.

Just like any other cosmetic treatments, jaw slimming procedures can help both men and women acheive the look that they desire. This treatment is ideal for those who have an overly round or robustly square face and want to slim it down.

Black Rock jaw slimming procedures aim to reduce the size of your jaws while enhancing the shape of your jawline. If you want to acheive that very attractive V-line jaw, then a jaw slimming procedure is the right treatment for you.

There are different types of jaw slimming procedures. Some are surgical and some are not. Our skin clinic near Black Rock offers non-surgical and minimally invasive jaw slimming procedures that are guaranteed safe and effective. We offer Botox and anti-wrinkle injection treatments to help slim down your jawlines.

These jaw slimming treatments use injectable substances that are administered to the masseter muscles on both sides of your face. These injectables work by blocking the nerve signals connected to the masseter muscles, hence, causing them to weaken and relax. When this happens the jaw tissues tend to soften and get intact which in turn results in the reduction of the size and shape of your jawline.

Both Botox and anti-wrinkle injections are time and cost-efficient. Whether you opt for Botox or anti-wrinkle injection for your jaw slimming procedure, it is highly recommended that you seek professional help. Visit your trusted cosmetic doctors and surgeons near Black Rock.

Do you need to have a consultation?

Just like any other procedures, a consultation is required for every patient who is looking to have his or her jawline reduced. During the consultation, you can express your concerns freely to your cosmetic doctor. And there is no need to worry as your communication will be kept confidential.

During the consultation, your doctor will listen to all your woes and will evaluate the condition of your jaw. After a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis, your doctor will create a personalized treatment plan tailored to address your specific needs.

Tailored Approach to Jaw Slimming

During the consultation, your cosmetic doctor will determine if you are a good candidate for a jaw slimming procedure. Following the evaluation and examination, your doctor will discuss a tailored treatment plan he created to specifically address your jawline issues.

Here are the different factors that your doctor may consider when developing a tailored treatment plan for your jaw slimming procedure:

  • Whether or not your body is ready to receive the treatment as you may be a smoker or under a medication;
  • The cause or factor affecting the shape and size of your face;
  • The current size of your masseters;
  • Your desired size and shape after the treatment;
  • The metabolic capacity of your skin;
  • The type of treatment that suits your needs;
  • Any treatment that may be combined with the jaw slimming procedure, if there are any; and
  • The number of treatments needed to acheive your desired look.

Following these guidelines, your trusted cosmetic doctor near Black Rock can create the best treatment plan tailored to address your concerns and provide the treatment you need.


Do jaw slimming procedures hurt?

Both Botox and anti-wrinkle injections are minimally invasive procedures. No large cuts or incisions will be made on your jaws. Before the administration of the injectables, a topical sedative will be administered to help relieve pain and discomfort during the procedure. Both procedures use fine needles that are slowly inserted into the injection points of the masseter muscles. In essence, jaw slimming procedures are virtually pain-free and comfortable.

What is the recovery like after a jaw slimming procedure?

Recovery time varies from one patient to another. On average, patients recover from a Botox jaw slimming procedure after two to four weeks, while it may take about three days for anti-wrinkle injections patients to recover.

Downtimes are minimal as well. It may include mild to moderate swelling and bruising which may be evident after the procedure but will gradually mellow down in just a few hours. Cosmetic doctors will likely advise their patients to apply a cooling gel pad or an icepack on the injection sites to help reduce the swelling.

During the short recovery period, you will be advised to avoid putting too much pressure on the treated areas. You should also avoid going for a facial massage or treatment until after the recovery period or at least after two weeks from your treatment.

Your doctor will provide the list of DOs and DON’Ts that you need to follow as your aftercare guidelines. It may include avoiding strenuous physical activities for the next two to three weeks. You should also avoid smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, and taking blood-thinning medicines and supplements.

It is highly recommended that you follow the instructions of your cosmetic doctor. In case of any adverse or unexpected pain and swelling in the treated areas during this time, it is best to seek your doctor’s help.

How long do the results for a jaw slimming procedure last?

The results using Botox will be gradually visible as you reach the sixth week of your recovery period, while the results using anti-wrinkle injections are instantly noticeable after the treatment and full results can be evident within seven to ten days.

The results of jaw slimming procedures last between six months to two years or even more. The longevity of the results varies from one person to another because each person has his or her coping mechanism and skin metabolic system.

Touch-up treatments or subsequent procedures may be discussed between you and your cosmetic doctor. However, when you feel that your jaw is beginning to feel heavy or thick once again, you may visit our clinic near Black Rock for a consultation or an appointment.

Choosing the Right Provider near Black Rock

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