Sometimes it seems no matter what you do you are prone to a double chin, some people can even be prone to forming one genetically, or as a byproduct of ageing and losing elasticity in their skin. Often excess fat that has gathered in your chin can be hard to shift, and this can be quite frustrating as it can feel like no matter what you do, no matter how much you exercise that stubborn chin fat sometimes just doesn’t seem to go away. If this situation is something you relate to, you may very well be a good candidate for this modern approach to treating a double chin without surgery.

The First Step to Treating a Double Chin

If you are struggling with a double chin you are finding difficult to reduce in size, the first step is to ask yourself “what is the best cosmetic clinic near me”, now you may find yourself wondering how would I know, well there’s a few things you can do to help narrow that down. Firstly, see what is available in your area, depending on where you live you may find you have a lot of options. You can continue to narrow this down by checking out the social media accounts of any you can find and have a look for before and afters, these are commonly posted by clinics proud of the work they perform. Another way to help refine your choice is to check reviews of the cosmetic clinics in your area, though be sure to take a more broad view of what you find as the extreme reviews either positive or negative aren’t always representative of the experience most people are receiving. Once you have found one you feel comfortable with, ask if they offer double chin injections and book a consultation if they do and you’d like to find out more.

What are Double Chin Injections?

Doube chin injections provide you with a non-surgical approach to treating a double chin; this treatment is not just effective but provides results with minimal downtime if any for most people. The treatment itself is an injectable treatment, and this means there’s no cutting, so no stitches to recover from potentially leaving scarring and yet another problem to face later. This injectable is produced using a synthetic version of a molecule already found in the body, what this molecule does in the body is break down fats in your intestines to help your body process them. When this substance is applied to the chin, it reacts with the cells it comes into contact with similarly, resulting in a reduction in excess chin fat.

How Long Does This Non-Surgical Solution to a Double Chin Take?

Getting double chin injections is a quick process; it takes on average between 15-20 minutes to perform. You are likely to require at least three treatments, sometimes more depending on your goals and the amount of chin fat you are trying to remove. To get a reasonable estimate of what to expect in regards to the number of sessions you are likely to need, ask your practitioner during your consultation, if they are experienced in performing these treatments they will likely be able to provide a reasonably accurate estimate. It’s generally expected to wait a month between sessions to ensure your chin has fully settled and the results of the treatment are fully apparent and not hidden by any remaining swelling.

A Solution to Having a Double Chin in Melbourne

In Melbourne Skin Club’s Cosmetic Doctors are adept at helping their patients improve the appearance of their chins. They provide a wide range of non-surgical treatments, including fat dissolving injections for treating double chin complaints as well as other treatments for many other cosmetic issues. Many of the treatments they offer can be combined with chin injections to help form a broader enhancement or rejuvenation plan. It’s essential to find not only the best treatments but the best treatments for you, and at Skin Club they use their extensive experience to help provide the best recommendations to match your various concerns. Book a consultation at Skin Club now and find out how you can get your chin looking how you want.

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