Is Kybella the Solution for Double Chin?


Double chins can be annoying, and if you have one, you are likely all too familiar with how frustrating they can be to deal with. Hard to work around and near impossible to even hide with makeup, this frustrating cosmetic concern is one that many people are tired of putting up with. This frustration is leading many people to understandably start looking for a quick and effective solution to get rid of their excess chin fat with belkyra.

What Makes You a Good Candidate for Kybella?

Firstly, you must have at least a moderate amount of fat under your chin. If you lack fat in this area or it’s already minimal, this likely isn’t suitable for your needs. Having good skin elasticity and a lack of excess skin also helps make you more likely to be suited to having double chin injections, if you have a loose skin problem rather than a fat problem when it comes to your chin you may need to look elsewhere. If you have a little of both, discuss with your practitioner the best way to tackle this from both directions to get the best looking chin after your treatments. If you are obese double chin injections are usually not the ideal option as weight loss through lifestyle changes is generally preferable. This treatment is not one for weight loss, but for just about anyone else who finds they store excess fat in their chin that is out of proportion to their other features it’s likely a great option. The best way to find out if you are a good candidate for double chin injections is to discuss with your cosmetic doctor what you hope to acheive and let them assess the condition of your chin and discuss any relevant factors with you.

Alternatives to Kybella?

If you have only just started looking into ways to get rid of a double chin, you may have stumbled on double chin injections first, but it’s not the only option. Chin liposuction is another popular option for reducing chin size. However, it comes with many of the pitfalls typically associated with a surgical procedure. If you are looking for something that is lower intensity and results in little to no real downtime, this injectable treatment is likely the one that will suit you best. With anything though it’s always good to consider the options you have available to you and when it comes to fatty chins, liposuction is a very valid choice to consider. If you only have a smaller amount of fat in your chin and your chin is mostly just starting to slump you may find dermal fillers helpful, while this may seem counterproductive at first though adding volume to areas like the jaw and cheeks can provide adequate support and lift to the chin in some situations.

How Does Kybella Work?

When injected into the chin this injectable treatment of which the main active ingredient is deoxycholic acid reacts with fat cells it comes into contact with, damaging them. The damage caused to affects fat cells permanently destroys their ability to store fat again. After they are destroyed, your body will break them down and eliminate them. Deoxycholic acid injections are a very practical solution to dissolving chin fat without having to opt for a surgical procedure.

What Causes a Double Chin?

While a double chin is often associated with weight gain and obesity, this is far from the only reason you can end up with one. Often people with double chins find when they get in shape they still struggle to shift fat from this area barely. Submental fat is a common issue that faces a lot of people when a layer of fat accumulates below your chin. Sometimes it can be caused by ageing as the skin starts to lose elasticity and you start to lose some of your muscle, another common factor seems to be genetics as it can often be a trait that appears visible along the family line.

The Best Place to Get Kybella

Finding a quality clinic to give you great advice and perform treatments like double chin injections with skill can be difficult, but there are things you can do to make it easier. Look for an exceptional clinic like Skin Club in Melbourne that provides obligation-free consultations, a well-run clinic, skilled cosmetic doctors, and the utmost professional experience. A clinic like Skin Club where the cosmetic doctors are experienced at providing a broad range of treatments can be helpful as this ensures you have a wide range of options to address any concerns you may have. If you aren’t looking for the best place to get Kybella in Melbourne though and instead live elsewhere a great place to start is by checking the overall sentiment of reviews for that clinic. The other useful place to gain some insight into the quality of the work performed at any particular clinic is using the broad reach of social media as any established clinic just about will be active, and many will post kybella before and after photos and other show off other previous work they have performed. If you have had enough of putting up with a chin that is taking too much attention for itself, book a consultation today and find out more about Kybella injections or other alternatives for double chin concerns.

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