There is not just one type of thread used for thread lift procedures. Varied traits provide differing results, and there are a few things to take into account when making a decision to opt for a particular style of thread lift. Find out more about a different type of thread lift treatments available to help get some insight into what may be best suited for your particular circumstances and what you are looking to acheive.

How is a Silhouette Thread Lift Different?

The process when having this style of thread lift in practice is much the same; the significant difference is the type of thread used. Made from Poly L-lactic acid (PLLA) the threads used in a Silhouette Soft thread lift are exceptional when it comes to providing extra hold and support when having a thread lift. Developed by scientists in the United States the threads contain specially designed micro-cones that help anchor the tissue in place after the threads have been positioned. These threads are extremely impressive in their ability to provide a refined and secure hold that can produce an impressively natural-looking lift.

Why You Might Consider Getting a Silhouette Soft Treatment

Quite often, people start to notice themselves losing facial elasticity and beginning to look a little more droopy in the face. As we lose volume as well during the ravages of ageing, this compounds with the lack of elasticity and the face starts to succumb to gravity. For a lot of people, having a full surgical facelift is not necessary to acheive a satisfying lift and pleasing result. Instead, a growing number of people are opting for far less invasive procedures like a Silhouette Soft thread lift treatment or a combination of things like a thread lift with dermal fillers. There are many reasons people are far more likely to consider a less invasive option these days; a significant factor is the downtime and far more intensive recovery that often comes with things like a surgical facelift procedure. If you are short on time and still have reasonable skin elasticity without too much excess skin, very often a thread lift can give you a rejuvenation push that can help you regain your youthful definition.

Benefits of a Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

While a thread lift is considered a semi-permanent procedure, a quality thread lift treatment will often last between 2-3 years which is especially convenient given that the average procedure takes only 30 minutes to perform, varied primarily on the number of threads applied. The application of the threads also results in increased collagen production in the areas the threads are placed, and this can result in improvements to the tissue even after the threads have dissolved. With no downtime typically associated, mostly some considerations to take on board that can easily be fit into most people’s routine, this is a treatment that is also fast to recover from with many people going back to their day after the session is finished with a little tenderness. If you are someone who is worried about looking like you’ve had “work done” you’re in luck as well as this is a treatment that is minimally invasive, unlikely to scar, and quick to recover from so there’s no need to hide out covered in bandages if you are someone who values their privacy.

Learn More About The Best Type of Thread Lift

The best thing you can do to find out what may be the most suitable thread lift treatment for you is to book a consultation with an experienced Cosmetic Doctor. If you live in Melbourne Skin Club is a fantastic choice. They don’t accept walk-in bookings to ensure that patients receive the care and time they need to get the best outcome possible by developing the most suitable treatment plan from the start. Having a Silhouette Soft thread lift is something that can be a great addition to the cosmetic plans of many people either on their own or in combination with a larger-scale aesthetic enhancement plan. Book a consultation today to learn what the best type of thread lift for you could be and get some expert advice on how to reach your aesthetic or rejuvenation targets.

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