There’s a lot of reasons you may choose to opt to avoid a surgical facelift but still want the benefits associated with increased skin tightness or lift. Thankfully there is a far less invasive option that is a lot more practical for a lot of people’s busy schedules and those that lack time in general for the downtime and recovery associated with a surgical facelift. Thread lifts are a treatment that involves the application of dissolvable sutures under the skin that are used to assist with providing support and lift where needed, and for many people can be a perfect alternative for a rhytidectomy surgery. If you still have relatively good skin, you’re just tired of gravity having its way look into a thread lift if you haven’t already you may be surprised what it can help you acheive on your rejuvenation or enhancement journey.

Not Ready for Surgery Yet?

Surgery is something to take very seriously, even when it’s cosmetic. However, that doesn’t help matters when you desperately want some changes made to rejuvenate your look but either your issues don’t warrant surgery yet or you simply would prefer to avoid it, a lot of the time you have alternatives, and when it comes to a facelift, often a thread lift is a fantastic alternative. Don’t assume you need surgery just to get great results. Many people assume that less invasive and non-surgical treatments aren’t capable of much. However, there’s a reason things like fillers which can have a relatively moderate lasting period at times depending on the products used are still booming in popularity because they can provide impressive results.

Worried You Don’t Have the Time?

For a lot of people, they sit on the proverbial fence wondering when the right time to finally cave and have some surgery is in your case, and if that sounds like you often you can spend years holding off when you could potentially be enjoying the look you’ve been wanting and in this case the lift, without having to deal with invasive surgical procedures that can require quite an extensive recovery that many people simply don’t have the time for these days. For many people, time is a commodity they never feel like they have enough of, so prioritising what gives them the most results for the least amount of time is often a strong consideration for people these days. While having a rhytidectomy can be a very effective solution for some people, but for many, it is merely impractical from the standpoint of time-cost. Thread lifts are something that just about anyone can fit into their schedule, taking only around half an hour to perform; they are incredibly efficient when it comes to what you get for how long you spend getting them.

Don’t Want to Take Time Off to Recover?

Recovery is very manageable typically for this treatment, often people go back to their regular routine almost immediately if not that same day depending on what their day usually consists of doing. Sure you are likely to experience some soreness, redness, and swelling potentially as some of the most common side effects. Still, when you compare that to the usual downtime associated with the average facelift, it’s a very impressive comparison. Speak to your practitioner about the full list of side effects and other risks involved to be fully informed and help you best weigh up your options.

Getting the Finest Non-Surgical Face Lift in Melbourne

It’s easy to get confused when trying to find a suitable clinic for your thread lift treatments, especially if you live somewhere like Melbourne, where there are a lot of options. When it comes to treatments it’s vital you take the time to choose wisely, far more so than if you were just seeking a place to buy a specific product you want as experience will vary the quality of outcomes you may receive. Skin Club in Melbourne is well-versed in providing these treatments for their clients. They offer a wide range of modern and evidence-based non-surgical treatments that have built them a reputation with many people as being the best cosmetic clinic in Melbourne. Book a consultation and find out if a non-surgical facelift might be a suitable choice to reach your target look.

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