Safety is always a big concern for many cosmetic treatments. For many people, surgery is already a touchy enough subject when it is necessary. However, this is even more so the case when it is not necessary and for purely cosmetic reasons. Because of that, people want to know that all precautions are done in order to ensure their safety. This is why doctors need to ensure that they take every precaution to ensure that you are well. For Melbourne Brazilian butt lift though, this may not be as bad as other treatments. It has some unique advantages that can help lower the risks from other treatments. That is why in this article we can help discuss some safety ideas that go with this butt lift treatment.

Is The Treatment Safe?

Yes, generally speaking, this procedure is quite safe for use. It is as effective as any other procedure. The treatment has undergone testing and FDA approval that shows this treatment is good to use for the public. While there are some issues with it, most of them are not unique to this treatment. In fact, compared to similar treatments, a butt lift experiences less of the risk that they do because of the difference in materials and procedures. However, there are still multiple cases of something going wrong in this treatment, even patient death. No mater how safe a treatment is, it is always important to remember this.

What Makes This Treatment Safe


Or lack thereof. While yes, this treatment does require some incisions, they do not need nearly as much as other treatments aimed at improving your body. This is because it does not require surgery even if it does incisions. Instead, the treatment makes use of a liposuction method that only requires a small, thin incision rather than a large one. Even then doctors do not need to put you through major operations during it but just need to suck up and remove excess fat. Since they do not need to operate, there is less chance of your doctor hitting something important and damaging it.

Natural Materials

Another big difference is what materials your doctors use for this treatment. In normal augmentation procedures, your doctors make use of implants made of silicone or saltwater. While these can feel and act like regular flesh, they have their own share of issues. For example, implants can rupture or get knocked out of place with a blunt force which means you have to be extra careful with them. It can be more difficult to carry out the regular activity when that is the case.  At the same time, there is a chance that it damage other parts of your, or your body simply not accepting it.

Then you have the Brazilian Butt Lift Melbourne which makes use of natural components, specifically your fat. Since this is fat already from your body, it will almost certainly accept it without much of a problem. This also means it can meld naturally with your body, not just in the shape and appearance, but also with health-wise. It is less likely to get knocked out of place and is impossible to rupture. While some of the fat may die, this is something doctors know how to treat.

Risks of This Treatment

On the other hand, while it certainly is safer, that doesn’t mean this treatment is entire without risks either. There is still a fair bit that can go wrong if you are not careful. Some of these risks have the chance of causing serious consequences to your body. On some rare occasions, it can even be life-threatening. That is why it is important to understand some of the potential risks that can come from your treatment

Fat Necrosis

One of the biggest issues that you can experience is fat necrosis. As the name suggests, this treatment happens when your fat begins to die out either in your body or before transferring it. When this happens the fat will become lumpy and discolored. If it takes place in your body it can appear as a dark spot. Normally this happens if the fat is out too long that it gets cut off from its source of oxygen which causes the cells to die out. To a certain extent, this happens in all fat transfer treatments, as doctors always expect a little fat to die before the transfer. This is why they always get a bit of extra before. However, when too much fat dies, it can be an issue that requires them to treat it or halt the process.

Nerve Damage and Blood Clotting

Similar to other treatments, another possibility though rare is the chance of damaging your nerves and blood vessels. This normally occurs when you transfer the fat, it can end up hitting parts of your body such as your nerves or blood vessels. This often happens when doctors are inexperienced and do not perform the treatment correctly. It can require corrective surgery in order to fix it.

When your nerves are damaged, it can make it difficult or it to send or receive signals from the rest of your body. This can make it rather difficult to feel sensations around that area. Some people thus experience numbness as one of the many side effects of this treatment. Other times it affects muscles and leaves them sagging and unable to respond to signals.

For blood clotting, the issue is much simpler. Fat-blocking a blood vessel, it can restrict the amount of blood flowing in that area. It can lead to clotting which appears around your skin as dark red spots. This can also affect the sensation in that area and require a way to treat it. In some rare instances, the fat can even enter your bloodstream which can corrupt blood leading to dizziness, shortness of breath, and even death in some cases.


Probably one of the most common health risks you will encounter in any cosmetic treatment is the risk of infection. This normally happens when bacteria slip through the incisions and get into your body. This can leave you feeling feverish and sick and will require treatment, even antibiotics to fix. Unfortunately even while the treatment area is smaller, it is still large enough for bacteria.

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