If you’ve just gotten your first thread lift, had a few now, or are considering your first you may very well be wondering if there’s anything you can do to ensure you get the most out of your treatment. You do have some options to consider if you are striving to acheive some significant changes. Thread lifts can provide an impressive lift for a procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia and only takes half an hour to have completed typically. There’s a good reason this treatment has been popular for years, and why there have been advancements in the threads available for use in thread lifts. It’s merely a well-rounded procedure that produces quality results while still being minimally invasive, which has led to it being commonly requested in clinics all over the world and its sustained demand.

Develop a More Complete Treatment Plan

No treatment will solve all cosmetic issues, and a thread lift is one that combines exquisitely with some other popular non-surgical treatments. Using them to target a broader range of your concerns and in a combination that fits your needs can help you get the best from your thread lift treatment. Fillers are a great example; you could target areas that are losing volume like your cheeks that may have started to hollow with age, enhance the size of your lips, the size and proportion of your nose, alongside getting that lift you’ve been desiring. Anti-wrinkle injections also can produce some incredible results for very quickly without having to resort to surgery. They are commonly combined with fillers but can make a fantastic part of your rejuvenation or enhancement plan as well and combined with a thread lift treatment.

Be Sure of What Areas are of Most Concern

We all have preferences, and what your practitioner may notice or recommend may not quite fit your desired look. You can assist your practitioner in offering you the best advice, and in turn, developing the best plan for thread placement by ensuring you are thorough and as specific as possible. The more information your practitioner has to work with, the more they can work to acheive what you want from your treatment. If you have specific areas that really bother you, these are things that are very useful for you to discuss during your consultation to ensure they are considered while putting together a plan for how to proceed with your thread lift, should you choose to do so after your consultation.

Take Care After Your Treatment

To help with getting the best results from a thread lift, it’s useful to take as much care as possible with your face after you’ve had your procedure until the threads have settled nicely into place and your face has fully healed. While you can usually do quite a lot of things quite rapidly after having this treatment, it can be easy to forget how delicately positioned your threads can be. Avoiding pulling at your face or massaging it is one simple thing to remember. There are also things like trying to avoid broad open mouth movements such as you would make when biting into an apple. The less interfered with your face is while it’s healing from the disturbance caused by the treatment, the better off you’ll be once you’ve completely bounced back. Don’t let the fairly mild recovery process make your overconfident and result in you not getting those amazing results you deserve by being a little too careless too quickly. Discuss with your practitioner ways you can best avoid disturbing the threads and try and adhere to their advice as much as possible.

Starting Off the Best When Getting Thread Lifts in Melbourne

Getting the most out of your thread lift treatments begins by ensuring you receive the best treatment to begin with, and the key to this is finding someone with skill and experience to apply your threads. In Melbourne you don’t have to look far, Skin Club is not just operated by Cosmetic Doctors, but owned by them as well which has resulted in them having the highest standards for the services they provide their patients and how the clinic is run. Get off to the best start on your rejuvenation or enhancement journey by booking an in-depth and obligation-free consultation at Skin Club today.

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