There is a growing trend, especially among the younger generation as they start seeking out cosmetic enhancements to avoid surgery. Once plastic surgery was seen by many people as the only real way to get any effective results, these days things are quite different. This interest in non-surgical alternatives for things like lip augmentation, along with advances in science, has resulted in the ability to acheive some impressive cosmetic adjustments without surgery. For many people, the idea of a few needle pricks is far more enticing than sedation and having to deal with sometimes quite painful procedures and rough recovery periods. If you are looking for larger lips, lip fillers treatment can help you acheive this without having a scalpal anywhere near you, and no lengthy or harsh recovery periods to deal with.

Why Not Just Get Surgery?

Well, this is often a valid option, but like just about anything in life, there’s a lot of considerations to make when deciding on surgical or non-surgical lip augmentation. Increasing lip size can be done in various ways, but a lot of the methods that are available involved cutting, implants, longer recovery periods, and can feel less natural than lip fillers. There’s also the permanence factor, getting any kind of surgical adjustment is a bit like deciding to get a tattoo, it’s quite a big commitment, even if something is reversible, it will involve another procedure, and it’s incredibly unlikely you won’t end up with some changes from your original state. Lip fillers can provide a quite reasonable lasting period, be performed quickly, and are extremely moderate treatments by comparison in regards to pain and recovery of the common alternatives.

Reasons to Increase Lip Size

Increasing the size of your lips doesn’t just have to be about purely making them larger. Balance and symmetry is an issue that can be extremely frustrating, even when your lips on their own look amazing. Sometimes your features and their proportions could be better balanced to suit your overall face, providing you with a more balanced appearance. In the case that you lack lip symmetry, this is also something that can affect your overall appearance. The lips are after all something that is looked to for expression, making them something that is at the forefront of how you present yourself to people. If you experience either of these common lip problems, lip fillers can often be surprisingly useful. The application of lip fillers for lip asymmetry can be quite effective provided increasing volume to acheive improved balance would not make the lips look worse by making them too large when providing the necessary adjustments.

What are the Most Common Side Effects of Lip Fillers?

Bruising and swelling are by far the most common side effects, if you experience either of them, it’s generally quite mild, and dissipates between a few hours and a few days. There are other side effects and adverse outcomes that can occur, but these are much less common, and some of them are more often than not caused my inexperience, such as injecting filler into a vein or artery which can be quite severe. Infection is another risk as the procedure involves piercing the skin, so visiting a clinic with stringent hygiene standards and keeping your lips clean initially after your treatment is important. You can reduce the odds of experiencing many of the more severe lip filler side effects that can occur by not just ensuring you are receiving the best lip fillers, but also are having them applied by a qualified and skilled injector in a well-run clinic.

How To Get Larger Lips in Melbourne

In Melbourne lip fillers are extremely popular, the city is bright and flourishing with movement and a great social scene, this leads a lot of people wanting to stand out from the crowd. If you are wondering how long lip fillers take to perform, you are likely one of the many people in Melbourne that lead hectic lifestyles who assume they don’t have time for cosmetic enhancement; however, the average lip filler treatment takes only 15 minutes. At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors they have performed a huge amount of lip filler treatments for patients, with a wide range of different requests and lip styles. Experience and the best quality injectables are the two biggest factors when it comes to getting the best lip filler results. Book a consultation today and find out why so many people are interested in lip fillers to make their lips larger, without having to resort to surgery.

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