There’s a lot of things it makes sense to shop for on price alone; cosmetic treatments certainly aren’t one of them. When you are looking for cosmetic treatments, there are a few things you should really be paying attention to when making your choice and choosing who you let give you treatments. If you want the best outcomes, you have to ensure you are getting the best all-round service possible, without one of the pieces that matter you can just be left with disappointing results.

Ask about the Qualifications of Your Injector

While this may feel uncomfortable or awkward, this person is going to be working on your face, and even with temporary treatments like lip fillers, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to know about the training your injector has had. A well-qualified injector will quite likely even jump at the chance to tell you about this, being proud of all those long hours of hard study.

Don’t Forget Experience

Experience is often something that is overlooked if the injectors qualifications seem really great, but someone with fresh qualifications no matter how good their education is, likely lacks experience and when it comes to your face does a lack of experience really sound like something you want. Enquire about their track record of applying lip fillers, how long have they been doing lip fillers, or even just approximately how many of these treatments they’ve performed.

Ask to See Some Actual Treatment Results

There’s that old saying “the proof is in the pudding” and while an old saying it still holds a lot of value, even when it comes to finding a quality injector for your lip filler treatments. Seeing work the injector has previously done, helps you see visually without question the kinds of results they are capable of achieving, keep in mind this could always be the best of the best as far as their results go, but it is a good gauge to see if they are capable, and help assure you of their skill level.

Word of Mouth

This isn’t something everyone can do, but if you have any friends whose opinions you value, a great way to get some first-hand insight into the experience of a clinic or better yet a specific injector is via a friend who has been there. If you know of any friends that have had lip fillers applied or even another treatment, ask them about the experience they had, where they’ve been, what they liked or didn’t, and so forth. If this is something you have access to especially for a clinic you are considering visiting, it can be very useful as you will be far less shy about the kinds of questions you would ask a friend about their experiences than you typically would feel comfortable asking a stranger about their skills and qualifications.


This can be a mixed bag but is always something to look at, when looking at reviews rather than looking at them too individually, look at the overall sentiment of the reviews. Just about any business faces a jaded customer or even a competitor posting negative comments or reviews, who no matter what their experience was like (if they even had one) would have anything positive to say. You can’t make all the people happy all the time, we’ve all experienced this at some point, so take this into account when looking at a clinic for lip fillers reviews. Read a few positive and negative reviews, gauge the overall sentiment, and use the impression you get overall to help add to your decision making, you can always go for a consultation and chose not to proceed; this can just be a good way early on to help build up a shortlist of options.

Where You Can Find the Best Lip Filler Treatments in Melbourne

Skin Club in Melbourne provide not only the finest quality of lip fillers, but the injectors performing these treatments are skilled and heavily experienced Cosmetic Doctors, adept at applying fillers to far more than just the lips. They have a well run and comfortable clinic, owned and operated by Cosmetic Doctors who take customer service to the next level with their in-depth consultations that come with no obligations. So if you want to cover all your bases and ensure you have the best possible outcomes, you can’t go past Skin Club.

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