How To Choose The Right Type of Dermal Filler


Start by consulting a medical doctor who is not just skilled or experienced but qualified in the facial treatments and rejuvenation. This is the best approach to find a filler that is suitable for your specific skin type or situation, also taking into account which areas you are seeking to enhance or improve. At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors in Melbourne, we offer complimentary consultations for new patients at our Chapel Street Clinic (by appointment only). Patients interested in facial rejuvenation procedures and treatments can obtain the information and guidance they need at a consultation to discuss the options to deal with whatever anti-aging issues they are looking to work on such as fine lines and wrinkles on the face, hands or neck.



Types of Fillers and The Quickest Method to Achieve Facial Rejuvenation


Our skilled cosmetic doctors can offer non-invasive wrinkle treatments for patients that are interested in refreshing their facial appearance without any downtime or time off work, which is ideal for busier clients. The innovations of facial fillers in recent years has been progressing dramatically with biotech companies formulating more targeted, and situation focused filler products for the face. Filler products that are formulated for independent areas of injection demonstrate a lot of advantages over more “generic” all-in-one filler products that have been on the market for some time.


Finding the right type of filler to suit you is just as important as choosing the cosmetic doctor who does the work. Many factors will come into consideration when makes choices regarding the right type of filler. Some key elements that can be essential in the decision process of selecting the right dermal filler include the following.



Budget for dermal fillers that you need to have


The price of dermal fillers varies quite a lot. Having a solid idea of your budget will ease concerns during planning that some people may have regarding pricing. It can also help you avoid any unexpected costs by discussing your budget with your physician before the procedure. Having a budget plan in place helps the cosmetic doctor determine the ideal type of filler based on your requirements, cost and the amount required while taking into account how it will be distributed to areas of concern.



Longevity of dermal fillers


The longevity of dermal filler is closely related often to the cost of the injections. Dermal fillers that tend to last more extended periods over six months tend to have higher associated costs as the product remains in the skin for more extended periods. Fillers that last longer than the average 3 to 6-month bracket container cross-linking properties. Cross linking-properties are the mechanical and chemical properties that are responsible for the results seen when using a dermal filler product.



Treatment Areas


The selected areas for treatment are essential to know when choosing filler products. Single treatment areas such as the eyes, lips, and cheeks will allow for specific product traits to be preferential and add to the reasoning behind using certain filler varients. Some hyaluronic acid fillers are developed with particular areas in mind and can be best suited to certain situations.



Skin Condition required for dermal fillers


The condition of the skin before the procedure will adjust the amount of dermal filler that may be required and may also affect the style of injection technique recommended by your physician. The depth of wrinkles and a patients age and lifestyle are often determining factors when selecting an appropriate product and application for patients. Other things that may be considered is skin irregularities such as pigmentation, moles, scar, sun damage, and other visible issues. All these things can affect the ideal approach and treatment that should be used.





HA Fillers when used are often an ongoing regiment over time as patients who routinely have filler injections at suitable timeframes consequently end up with natural results and potentially longer-lasting effects. One of the most important things to consider in maintaining consistent results from you filler injections is to have the area re-treated before your body fully absorbing the previous filler. Four weeks before the “lasting” period recommended by the product is ideal for the re-treatment of pre-rejuvenated areas. A good example is if you lip filler product is expected to last on average of 6 months then it would be advisable to schedule a follow-up treatment after about five months from the previous procedure. People who regularly receive dermal filler injections will often require less product over time as the body can become accustomed to the increased production of collagen and will continue at this increased rate to support the areas in response to the dermal filler applications.





Another part of the selection process regarding dermal fillers is the cosmetic doctor performing the procedure. Some plastic surgeons or doctors have a preferred type of injectable they like to use. At Skin Club Melbourne we use a variety of high-quality fillers depending on patient needs. If you are interested in having facial filler injections or keeping up with re-treatment of previously treated areas, contact us and book a consultation with one of our cosmetic doctors.

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