How to Be the Best Candidate for Liposuction


Wondering if you are a good candidate for liposuction? This is a common thought, and one that is very important as liposuction isn’t a panacea by any means. There are also things you can do to help make yourself an even better candidate in many situations. Liposuction is one of the most well known cosmetic procedures, and for good reason, it can provide dramatic adjustments. Read on to find out more about not just if you may be a good candidate for this procedure, but if there’s anything you could perhaps do to be an even best contender for this procedure.

Be in Good General Health

The first thing to look at when trying to be the best candidate for liposuction is that your health is not only good but relatively stable and that nothing dramatic is currently happening on that front. For example, having liposuction when pregnant is not something that is realistic or generally acceptable. If you smoke, consider stopping as many of the risks associated with smoking can also affect healing and factors into things like good blood flow that can be problematic to the healing process after your procedure. If you drink heavily or a lot on a daily basis this is less than ideal, starting with the fact that alcohol is a blood thinner and can result in excessive bleeding and bruising with procedures like liposuction but also puts a strain on the body in other ways, similar to smoking. Reducing the amount you drink and smoke at the very least leading up to your surgery and until you recover can be very helpful and make you a better liposuction candidate. Ensuring proper hydration and a consistent and well-balanced diet is excellent as well and sets you up to be in the best position for your body to have what it needs to bounce back fast.

Medications and Medical Issues

This is one that often you don’t have much control over but is worth a mention as it is something that needs consideration when considering having a procedure and something you should always discuss thoroughly with your chosen liposuction doctor. Liposuction cost is one thing to consider, but the cost to your body and health should always be your first priority. Drugs that thin the blood are of particular interest and something you should always inform your doctor about. Often you will be unable to stop taking blood thinners without putting your health at risk and should never do so without the supervision of your doctor. However, you may also be someone who regularly takes aspirin for minor ailments, and this is something that can often be discontinued temporarily or switched to something that doesn’t cause the blood to thin while providing relief. If you have any conditions that cause you to bleed excessively when cut or anything that may impede the healing process such as an autoimmune condition this is likely something that could need to be considered as well.

Don’t discount yourself as unable to have liposuction if you have any of these specific things to consider just be sure to discuss them with your doctor and see if there are ways to work around potential issues or something like medication changes which may allow you to undergo the procedure still. Always be honest and open with your doctor to get the best liposuction results, as the more they know, the better prepared they are to deal with any issues that may arise and the less risk there is to you which is incredibly important.

Fully Informed and Aware of Your Options

While liposuction may be a valid option, it may not always be the best way to remove excess fat deposits. It’s well worth your time to look at any other potential treatment options or lifestyle changes that may help you to gain the same results with less impact. If you aren’t exercising as much as you can or not much at all this is an excellent example of somewhere you can make an impact and results in your being more suited to liposuction if you reduce the size of problem areas. It’s vital as well to fully understand the risks involved. At the same time, all procedures come with some risk, be sure that you are comfortable and confident in your decision to go forward while ensuring that you understand the potential hazards that could arise. Part of being fully informed is having realistic goals as well and have considered exactly what it is you want to acheive.


Having a plan in your head that you can discuss this with your doctor can help to make sure your expectations are realistic and achievable. Liposuction is not a treatment for obesity or to remove things like cellulite, and if you go into it with these expectations, you will often be disappointed. For many people, though liposuction can help with a lot of problem areas that are otherwise difficult to address, one that many people don’t consider is gynecomastia which is a benign enlargement of the breast tissue in men, and this is something that can often be well addressed, commonly referred to often as “man boob liposuction”.

Book a Consultation

If you are in good health, have specific goals in mind, and are fully informed liposuction may be just what you need to get on top of those final difficult to manage areas that you can’t seem to get rid of no matter what you do. If you think you would be a good candidate for a liposuction surgery or are curious about the specifics such as cost, liposuction payment plans, types of liposuction, or anything else an ideal step to take is to book a consultation at a well run and professional clinic. If you are considering liposuction Melbourne has the impressive Skin Club cosmetic doctors at your disposal who offer the finest doctors, service, and consultations without any obligations.


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