Despite popular beliefs, women also  suffer form hair loss and also hair thinning – up to 25% of the female population. For men, well, things are a bit more dire with approximately 30% of men having noticeable baldness by the age of 30!

Who is to blame?

Your parents(!)

Well technically its the genes you acquire from them, so don’t be too harsh on your heritage. For many, hair on the scalp is priceless, and for some it is even a psychological risk factor for depression and suicide attempts due to hair loss.

Where does PRP fit in?

Hair transplantation seems like the obvious solution. Hair falls out, so put hair back in, right? However this process is difficult, expensive and quiet often disappointing. It involves painstakingly inserting hair, follicle by follicle, into the patient’s area of baldness. The process is very difficult and expensive, and is limited by the abundance of your pre-existing hair follicles.

Some topical and oral medications are available to help regrow hair but again do not work on areas with complete bareness. Some medical treatments out there including laser stimulation, pills, serums and shampoos. But all show limited hair regrowth and do not work well on scalp areas that are completely bare.

PRP on the other hand has shown to be the most successful treatment in comparison to date. It helps beat hair loss by promoting growth factor cells and stem cell attraction to the scalp, and helps thicken and improve hair regrowth. In doing this the platelets acquired from your blood form a vital part in rejuvenating the hair follicles.

Hair loss is now being targeted with high quality of PRP and patients are seeing great results. As technology for hair loss PRP treatment improves so will the results.

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