How Much Does Liposuction Cost?


Budgeting for your cosmetic surgery can be scary at first thought, but with a little planning and consideration, you can get the best value liposuction. However, it isn’t as simple as finding the cheapest liposuction nearby, as the best liposuction outcomes require the hands of an experienced and skilled practitioner. It’s also worth considering the type, where you are targeting, and the amount of liposuction you want to have performed. It can be easy to jump to the conclusion that just having aggressive liposuction can be the best choice, but it may very well not result in the best aesthetic outcomes and proportions after your surgery has been completed. Balance is incredibly important when it comes to how a person looks, as a bonus this can also help ensure you only spend what you need to when having liposuction.

The Cost is Complicated

While a common question and the topic of this article itself is how much liposuction costs, it’s not a simple question that does not have a remotely simple answer. Firstly where you are having your liposuction will vary the cost of the procedure, but beware of shopping based on price alone as you may end up with someone performing the procedure with very minimal experience or corners being cut elsewhere. Surgery is not something you want to bargain shop for a lot of mostly obvious reasons. The other primary factors are the areas you are having fat removed from as well as the amount of fat being removed. The type of liposuction will also affect the price as different equipment may be required, for example, Vaser liposuction or laser liposuction.

What If I Can’t Afford Liposuction?

If you are in a precarious position financially, it may be best to focus on that. However, if you have the means just not a lot of liquid cash to put towards it right now, there are other options. While getting a personal loan for liposuction can be an option, some clinics offer payment plans for liposuction that may be well-suited to your needs and within your means. Like any loans, consider the repayments carefully and be sure the interest if any is reasonable. Some third parties also offer liposuction payment plans that may be of interest as well, but again the same applies. The last thing you want to be doing is worrying about finances while you take time off work to recover from your procedure, you’ll end up spending the whole time restless and worried. However, if you are careful and consider your options thoroughly, it may be a very valid option for you. You may find depending on your situation you may be suitable for some forms of weight loss surgery Medicare rebate, though getting a liposuction Medicare rebate will be tougher as generally liposuction is deemed cosmetic rather than medically necessary.

Reducing the Cost of Liposuction

While this won’t apply to everyone, there is something you can do to reduce the cost of liposuction if you intend to have numerous areas dealt with anyway. The more liposuction you have in the one session, the cheaper it will average out to be generally, so if you are planning to target a few areas over a few sessions, you may find it more financially beneficial to have more performed at once. The reason this often works out cheaper is the overhead costs are reduced as it’s performed on the same day and the expenses start being more associated with the volume of fat and the size of the areas having excess fat removed. If you are having liposculpture which involves removing typically smaller quantities of fat, but over a broader area having everything done at once can be reasonably low impact as far as liposuction goes and get everything taken care of at once, usually with a decent saving resulting in cheaper liposuction overall.

Vague Estimates of Cost

If you look at specific areas and norms, you can find some degree of average costs. These estimates ignore most variables but may help give you some idea how much liposuction can cost you. For the stomach liposuction targeting the abdomen, you will be looking at around six to seven thousand. To have leg liposuction on the inner or outer thigh, you will find that costs on average around five thousand, while an area like the chin will often cost you about four. As you may have noticed the chin is quite small generally yet still quite expensive and this takes into account initial costs as well, which is why it can often be cheaper to have more done at once if you intend to do so anyway. There’s a lot of things that affect the cost such as the fees for the doctor, nurse fees, theatre costs, GST, follow up, and more so while the price may seem high, there is a lot involved to get your procedure completed from the clinic’s perspective. Find out what liposuction will cost you by booking a consultation with a well-respected clinic today like the fantastic Skin Club in Melbourne that provides a wide variety of cosmetic treatments.

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