The human body is susceptible to changes. These changes are the results of different factors such as the variability of our weight, the inexorable process of aging, the structure of our genes, or the simple concepts of science. Sometimes these changes are satisfying and at times frustrating.

Whether you are endeavouring for changes in your physical attributes or you are opting to enhance them, advanced cosmetic treatments are now available for you. Your dissatisfaction with the shape and volume of your buttocks can be worked out with a Bazilian butt lift procedure.

Brazilian butt lift is the surgical solution to enhancing the proportions and physique of the lower part of your body. This procedure offers a fast and effective way of augmenting size and contour to your buttocks. In that way, you will feel more comfortable having the body figure that you desire.

The science and brilliance behind the Brazilian butt lift is the “natural” approach to adding volume and shape to your buttocks. That is, using your own fat stores as the grafting substance instead of synthetic or artificial implants or fillers.

This butt enhancement technique consists of two major steps which are the liposuction and the reinjection stages. The liposuction stage is where your fat stores are extracted from a body part that has a copious amount of fats such as your thighs, hips, lower back, or abdomen. The reinjection stage, on the other hand, is where the extracted fats are injected back into your buttocks.

The Brazilian butt lift gained its prestige since it was first launched in 2014. This cosmetic but enhancement technique has earned the trust and adoration of women all over the world. This status has continued to live on until today. The use of “natural” fats as an augmentation to your buttocks has proven its worth as it showcases magnanimous results.

Despite the many benefits and advantages of this cosmetic advancement, many people would ask, “how long will it last?” Others are curious about whether the procedure is permanent or will it expire at some point. While the answer is a simple “yes,” the rationale behind it may seem quite complex than a mere “yes.”

What can a Brazilian butt lift provide?

The Brazilian butt lift mainly tackles the shape and proportion of your lower body. It takes pride in enhancing the volume of your buttocks that can help you exude more confidence in yourself.

The Brazilian butt lift can provide the following benefits:

  • Increases the volume of your buttocks and improves its shape;
  • Reduces fat in the other parts of your body such as your belly, thighs, and hips;
  • Adds fullness and curviness to your flat buttocks;
  • Enhances the curves and proportion of your body; and
  • Boosts your self-esteem.

How can you take advantage of these wonderful benefits?

The answer to this question is quite simple. That is, to try it for yourself. Although the benefits of the Brazilian butt lift may seem overwhelming, the “natural” way of this procedure in enhancing your buttocks can truly do wonders.

The duration of the procedure takes about two to six hours depending on how much fats are to be extracted from your body and reinjected into your buttocks. After the procedure, you can head back home and pamper yourself during the recovery period.

The recovery phase may take a while as it varies on how fast your body tissues heal and the factors that may affect your recovery. During the recovery phase, you will play an important role in ensuring that you get the optimum results that you desire.

Here are ten ways to maximize the results of a Brazilian butt lift:

  1. Wear the prescribed compression garments;
  2. Feed your fat grafts by eating food that contains 100g of protein each day until the fats have formed into your buttocks tissues;
  3. Find a creative way of sleeping because when you sleep on your back, you will put pressure on your newly grafted buttocks which may hamper optimum results;
  4. Learn how you can sit innovatively since sitting on your buttocks may adversely affect the formation of fat tissues in your buttocks;
  5. Avoid driving within the duration of your recovery period or until you get a go signal from your cosmetic doctor;
  6. Prevent yourself from smoking and if smoking is your stress reliever, you may need to resort to other ways on how you can enjoy a stress-free recovery;
  7. Avert from strenuous physical activities and exercises;
  8. Stay hydrated by drinking about eight glasses of water or more each day;
  9. Maintain your weight as weight fluctuations may cause some muscles to grow and regress, including your buttocks graft; and
  10. Follow the aftercare guidelines set by your trusted cosmetic doctors.

Is the Brazilian butt lift permanent?

Again, the answer to this question ought to be a simple “yes.” However, some factors may affect the “permanent-ness” of the Brazilian butt lift. Ultimately, the “you” factor plays an important role in maintaining the lifetime effect of your Brazilian butt lift procedure. How you care for it and how you manage your lifestyle are major factors that may ensue its permanent effect.

During your consultation before getting a Brazilian butt lift procedure, your doctor or surgeon will discuss the benefits and risks of opting for this butt enhancing option. You will be advised to make adjustments and modifications to your habits and lifestyle not just during the recovery phase but even after recovering from the surgery.

This makes it quite complex. To ensure the permanent effect of your newly enhanced buttocks, you must also maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat nutritious foods and observe a regular diet to ensure that you maintain your weight. Weight fluctuations may affect the growth and relapse of your muscles.

Another factor that may affect the permanent outcome of your Brazilian butt lift procedure is your lifestyle. Drinking too much alcohol and excessive smoking can cause adverse effects on your body and health. Thus, affecting your buttocks as well.

The process of aging is something that no one can escape. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, the aging process continues. As you age, your body concurrently matures with you. Aging may result in loss of muscle volume, an increase of fat stores, or flagging skin. As aging carries on, the risks of affecting your buttocks enhancement also increase. However, the proper management of your lifestyle and habits can help reduce these risks.

In conclusion, the “permanent-ness” of the effects of Brazilian butt lift depends on how you maintain your body stature and physique. Prevent yourself from inconsistent weight changes as if affect the perpetual contour of your body, especially your buttocks. When you maintain the consistency of your body form, then the Brazilian butt lift is permanent.

How long will Brazilian butt lift last?

The prominence of the Brazilian butt lift has indicated its permanent effect while exhibiting a natural-looking contour and proportion to the lower part of your body. Nonetheless, some people continually doubt its resilience through time.

The question remains, “how long will it last?”

Yet again, the answer is simple “a lifetime.” Brazilian butt lift uses your own natural fats store for its enhancement procedure. These fat stores which are extracted, purified and reinjected into your body develop into natural muscle tissues that form part of your buttocks. As it uses natural body fats and becomes a “natural” part of your buttocks, the effects last a lifetime.

Get that Buttocks You Desire

Brazilian butt lift offers a fast and safe procedure. It may compromise on the recovery period but it delivers permanent and lifelong results. Getting this buttocks enhancement procedure would require a great deal of responsibility in caring for and maintaining your physique and buttocks’ stature.

Are you ready to get those bootilicious buttocks that you have been dreaming of?

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