Your dress, hair and makeup look great. Everything is on fleek. Or is it? Have you been feeling like something just does not add up? That perfect Instagram look you have been going for, just does not come right? 

You have been wondering how that influencer got such a sharp look on that latest mirror selfie. Their faces are not bloated at any given time. They always look sharp and prominent. Makeup can only help so much, the real solution is getting a facial slimming treatment. With so many non-surgical safe and effective procedures available today, why let a dull look hold you back? At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, we offer all kinds of non-surgical facial slimming treatments.

Consider getting facial slimming injections today, to complete your looks. But before going in for the procedure, you should first know a little bit about facial slimming. 

Surgical cosmetic procedures have been available in the market for over a century. When we refer to ‘traditional’ treatment, we mean the surgical version of the treatment, as opposed to non-surgical versions which are more modern, and are becoming popular day by day. 

On the other hand, the treatments for non-surgical facial slimming injections are getting rapidly popular every day. People are opting for non-surgical options due to a number of reasons. Dermal fillers like Evolence or Restylane are becoming widely popular for treating a number of cosmetic problems. These can be injected into the targeted area to reshape and contour your chin. You will get a more subtle-looking appearance. Not to mention that these injections are quicker, safer and more effective than surgical procedures. Injecting dermal fillers are also an outpatient treatment. Improvement in your facial shape will be apparent almost immediately after you get the injections. If any swelling occurs, do not worry; it is normal and will subside within a week

Injecting dermal facial slimming injections are also outpatient procedures. Improvement in your facial shape will be apparent almost immediately after you get the injections. If any swelling occurs, do not worry; it is normal and will subside within a week. You can repeat these injections every 12 – 18 months if you wish to maintain the end result.

Yes, facial slimming injections are non-surgical and semi-permanent cosmetic treatments and will not last your whole lifetime. If you wish to maintain consistent results, you will have to continue getting the treatments. Now, you may be wondering if non-surgical facial slimming injections like kybella injections and dermal facial slimming injection fillers need maintenance and are not permanent, so why should you even go for them in the first place instead of getting a more permanent solution like genioplasty? We have the answer to that.

Now, let us see why you should choose non-surgical facial slimming injections :

  • Very low risks 
  • This is a non-invasive procedure 
  • Long-lasting effects 
  • This facial slimming treatment can also help with teeth grinding, or Bruxism
  • More cost-effective than surgical alternatives 
  • You will see results from the 1st session itself 
  • 2 sessions will give you your desired chin shape
  • No irreversible side effects  
  • This treatment will not hinder your speech or eating habits
  • This is a painless treatment 

Non-surgical facial slimming injection treatments have developed and advanced over the years.  Dermal injection formulas have evolved from just wrinkle minimisers to much more effective, non-invasive treatments that give you the features you’ve always dreamed of. At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors here in Melbourne, we inject safe and risk-free facial slimming injections to get the desired results. People can go back to their daily lifestyle with just a few precautions right after the procedure. 

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