A lot of people are hearing about lip fillers for the first time in recent years. The increase in popularity has led to a snowball effect that has more people asking questions all the time and seeking out these effective treatments to enjoy larger and plumper lips for themselves. There are other options for lip augmentation such as fat or tissue grafting and lip implants. Still, there’s a growing preference for non-surgical options as well further compounding the ever-increasing interest in lip fillers and other less invasive procedures.

The First Step to Getting Lip Fillers

When people are first considering lip filler treatments, the first step to take is to book a consultation with an experienced Cosmetic Doctor. This initial process is a vital step to ensure the treatment is well suited to your needs and what you are trying to acheive, as well as discussing all the factors involved such as your budget, medical history, and getting fully informed on the risks involved. A consultation provides an excellent opportunity to ensure you are comfortable with the clinic you have chosen for your lip filler treatments. If this consultation process didn’t meet your expectations, this is the time to reconsider where you are seeking your treatments. The consultation process is a good time to assess your practitioner as they evaluate your needs. Sometimes it may just not be the right fit, and when it comes to cosmetic treatments, not being comfortable with who performs them is far from ideal when the skill of the injector performing your lip filler application is a large part of how well lip fillers work.

Having Lip Fillers

Lip fillers work by adding volume; this is applied in the form of injectable fillers. The treatment itself is quite fast, taking around 15 minutes generally. Many people first considering lip fillers are concerned about pain, this is a reasonable question, but thankfully the answer is a good one. Receiving lip filler injections is quite tolerable in regards to pain, typically fillers are mixed with a local anaesthetic that rapidly numbs the injection site and surrounding area rapidly after the initial injection. When working on a smaller region like the lips, this numbing can be quite effective at reducing discomfort, which is quite minor as the needle used is quite small. Some people are quite sensitive to pain, and you can request numbing creams if this is the case, while this is typically not necessary sometimes it can be beneficial to keep you at ease and comfortable during the treatment, which in turn helps the injector focus on getting your lips looking brilliant.

After Lip Fillers

One of the huge benefits of opting for lip fillers compared to alternatives is that downtime is minimal if any, often people will be able to return to their everyday routine and schedule with just a few considerations such as avoiding heavy lifting or using straws as these activities can increase bruising after lip fillers. Minor bruising and swelling is a common side effect of lip fillers; this generally dissipates quite quickly when experienced, sometimes the swelling will start to fade quite quickly in a matter of hours. Usually, both of these side effects will pass in just a few days if you experience them. Your lips may be a little tender after lip fillers, this isn’t usually too uncomfortable and can be managed with an icepack to help numb the area a little until it eases.

Get Lip Fillers

In Melbourne, Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors provides the finest lip fillers applied by experienced Cosmetic Doctors. When it comes to how well lip fillers work, the experience of your injector is vital, and this is something they have in excess. With lip fillers in Melbourne becoming extremely popular Skin Club has been providing consistently impressive results for their patients on a constant basis. They offer a broad range of modern cosmetic treatments making them an ideal clinic for lip fillers as well as for treating your other aesthetic concerns. Where Skin Club really excels is their personalised touch, this is shown right at the start of your treatment journey with their obligation-free in-depth consultations. Book a consultation today and find out for yourself how lip fillers can work for you.

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