As any makeup lover knows, makeup and wrinkles just don’t mix.


From the minute we’re putting on mascara in the morning to the moment in bed when we’re yawning, we’re constantly lifting our eyebrows throughout the day.


It’s naturally how facial expressions are formed, of course, but still, we can’t avoid the fact that wrinkles result from our constant eyebrow lifting.


Unfortunately, makeup sits in the creases of our forehead. And the thicker the makeup, the more pronounced those creases are… making us look older than we really are!


There’s nothing wrong with looking our age, but for those who prefer a more youthful look, read on to find out how to keep your makeup flawless while looking several years younger!


The secret? Anti-wrinkle treatment.


Why should I get anti-wrinkle treatment?


Well, the truth is, it’s not so secret anymore. Hollywood stars have been revealing for years that they rely on anti-wrinkle treatments to give them their fresh, youthful glow.


While there are dozens of products that claim to get rid of our wrinkles, none of them are as effective as getting treatments straight from the experts. The most that drug-store anti-wrinkle products can do is make your skin feel soft and smooth; nothing beats expert care.


Anti-wrinkle products also slowly drain your wallet without giving you any concrete results. Isn’t it better to splurge a little once in a while instead of constantly shelling out cash every time your tiny jar of “anti-wrinkle cream” is spent?


Getting treatment also shortens your nightly skin care routine. This gives you more time to relax and get some sleep — perfect for not just keeping wrinkles at bay, but also making sure you don’t have any under-eye bags or unwanted acne.


But is anti-wrinkle treatment really effective?


Yes. Results show up as quickly as 3 weeks, and studies show that based on the Facial Wrinkle Scale and patient-reported outcomes, repeated anti-wrinkle injections were far more effective than other treatments.


Anti-wrinkle injections relax the muscles by blocking receptors in the muscles.


To put it visually, anti-wrinkle treatments work like tucking in a creased bedsheet, leaving it smooth and wrinkle-free for as long as three months.


The whole process is quick, easy, relatively painless, and comes with the backing of university and industry research.


How much will an anti-wrinkle treatment cost me?


The cost of the treatment depends on how much “units” of anti-wrinkle injection is needed. A “unit” refers to a small measured volume of anti-wrinkle product.


How many units you need depends on several factors, including the strength of the muscle, your sex (men generally need more product than women), how long you want the treatment to last and how much you want to reduce movement in the area.


Skin Club offers treatments for as low as $15 per unit. For three upfront treatments, the price go as low as $9.3 per unit.


Finding out how much units you’ll need is as easy as scheduling an obligation-free consultation with Skin Club’s team of expert doctors.


Our clinic uses only the best anti-wrinkle products, administered by doctors who are members of the Australian Medical Association and the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine.


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