Anyone who has Instagram or Snapchat knows that there’s a correct way of angling your face to make your jawline pop.


Even professional photographers emphasize the jawline in their subjects.


It is said that when taking a front-facing photo, models are told to bring their face forward, stretching the neck, and angling their face a little to the ground. This highlights the jawline, making for a stronger, more striking photo.


Finding the right angle for your new Facebook profile photo isn’t just about looking good—it’s about feeling good, too.


The rise of social media may have lead us all to becoming more self-conscious about cultivating our image, but there’s no doubt that it has also helped us be more confident.


Self-love is important, and that means feeling comfortable about who we are and who we want to be.


In that regard, models are no different from us. In recent years, more and more people—yes, including models—have been flocking to cosmetic clinics to go the extra mile in looking beautiful.


We’re talking cosmetic treatments, particularly double chin removals. Make no mistake; it’s all about the jawline.


“We have seen an increased number of plus-size models looking to improve the contour of the neck and lower face,” Boston-based plastic surgeon Min S. Ahn told Allure.


“Models continue to value the importance of overall facial balance, so if the lower third of the face and neck are out of balance with more volume, the overall facial aesthetic is affected negatively,” she added.


How are double chins removed?


There are several ways of getting double chins removed, with Kybella injections the most popular in recent years.


Belkyra injections (known as Kybella injections in the United States) are an FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment that involves injecting a high-grade double chin removal product that will get rid of fat cells under your chin.


The procedure has become popular, largely because it’s fast, accessible, and permanent.


“[Belkyra injections] require multiple treatments, but treatment sessions are quick and easy,” shared New York-based plastic surgeon Daniel Maman. “Both have almost no downtime, and swelling last [for only] one-to-two weeks.”


Doctors recommend at least two treatment sessions to ensure best results.


And at an average of $1,500 per session, two Belkyra sessions will cost less than a brand new MacBook Pro. That’s not a bad price for a permanent solution to unwanted fat under your chin.


How does the double chin removal work?


Like all cosmetic treatments, the process should begin with a consultation with a cosmetic doctor. Patients will be oriented about the process, and informed about what to expect post-treatment.


During the process itself, patients are injected with a local anesthetic that will render the rest of the treatment relatively painless.


The product is then injected to the target areas, where fat cells will be destroyed in a process known as “.”


Your second treatment will be administered a few months after your first one, depending on the recommendation of your doctor.


What should I expect after the treatment?


No double chin removal can process immediate results. Your cosmetic doctor should emphasize that point so you don’t have unnecessarily high expectations.


Improvements to the targeted area will begin to appear after around six weeks.


There should be swelling under your chin for a few days or weeks. This signals that the product is working. Contact your cosmetic doctor if there is no swelling in the area.


Leave a few days off after the double chin removal, as you will need to rest afterwards to let your body recover.


Is the treatment safe?


Yes. Double chin removal is not a surgical process, which means there is little risk involved for anyone taking it.


Just make sure to get expert doctors who use high-grade double chin removal products so you’re sure you’re in good hands.


Where can I get my double chin removed?


Look no further. SKIN CLUB – Cosmetic Doctors provides everything from obligation-free consultations to double chin removals from doctors who are experts in their field.


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