Having Liposuction for the First Time


When getting ready to get liposuction for the first time, it can be easy to get a little nervous and end up reading articles just like this one. However, if you are fully informed and follow your doctor’s instructions, the experience is likely to go very smoothly. Sometimes though nerves can get to you and knowing just a tiny bit more about the procedure you are considering or preparing for can help ease your mind as well as provide a nice distraction.

Should I be Concerned About Pain?

While it is a surgical procedure and one that does include some degree of discomfort, it is considered manageable with some usually mild pain medication during the initial part of recovery. While it’s easy to get caught on the fact its surgery, it’s also worth remembering how well known this procedure is, and if it were because it was horrendous to undergo you’d have surely heard about it. Instead, it’s a procedure that has a consistent demand that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. During the procedure, you should have little to worry about in this regard either as in some cases you will go under general anaesthesia. However, it is often quite common and preferable to have liposuction (when suitable) under a local anaesthetic that numbs the regions being worked on during your liposuction surgery.

Is Liposuction for Weight Loss?

No, while liposuction does wonders for removing excess fat deposits (especially from hard to deal with areas), it is not a panacea for obesity and being overweight in general. If you are dealing with more general weight problems, you will likely find better solutions in alternatives to liposuction that are more suitable such as lap band surgery or having a gastric balloon inserted.

Dieting Before Liposuction

While it may seem like a good idea to lose as much weight as possible before a liposuction procedure, there is a very fine line between healthy weight loss through consistent lifestyle changes and on the other hand things like crash dieting. If you can’t maintain your weight after you have liposuction, you may find you end up with less than ideal proportions or regaining a lot of the weight you already had. Having a stable weight that is maintainable and in a healthy range for your size and shape puts you in the best position for going for a liposuction or liposculpture procedure.

Get the Best Help You Can Find

When you are having things done with your body that affects your appearance, it can be stressful at the best of times. Like how you may be quite picky about who you let cut or style your hair, you should be just as picky about who performs cosmetic surgeries like liposuction on you. While being qualified to perform a procedure like liposuction is helpful; having a skilled, experienced practitioner who is well-versed in performing them with quality outcomes is far better. With experience and skill comes a keen eye for proportions and getting the best out of procedures like this one.


When looking for the best place to get liposuction or even something smaller like getting advice on the best type of liposuction for you, it pays to get the best advice possible. Look into your options and ensure you are choosing wisely, and if you are not happy or felt it was a good fit during a consultation, don’t be afraid to have another one somewhere else. Avoid getting too stuck on how much liposuction costs as while it’s smart to try and get a fair price if you shop for the lowest price liposuction you are likely to end up missing out on the best service and potentially end up with less than ideal results.

Will the Results be Visible Immediately?

While you will quite likely notice some difference straight away, you may be a little concerned after you have your first liposuction procedure as the swelling and fluid retention that can occur afterwards can mask the changes. You may even potentially find that the areas that had work done look even larger than before, however, this is not uncommon and nothing to be concerned about typically. Be sure to follow your doctor’s directions and keep an eye out for anything concerning that they have warned you about, and be sure to attend your follow up liposuction review so you can be checked over for any potential issues. If you do all these things, it’s likely just a matter of having a little patience until things start to settle and your body starts to heal and recover. If anything, this can be turned into an excellent motivator to take your recovery as seriously as possible and not over-exert yourself prematurely.

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