If you’ve ever wished you had more hair on your head, then you aren’t alone.


Maybe you haven’t noticed, but celebrities like John Travolta, Matthew McConaughey and Billy Bob Thornton have all undergone hair transplant treatment.


That their hair looks natural is the whole point. Hair transplants are effective procedures that help thicken hair, grow new hair and maintain existing hair growth.


Cosmetic clinics like Skin Club use high-grade equipment to extract platelets from your blood that will help in the regeneration of hair. This highly effective technique called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), used to cure alopecia or hair loss.


Interested in all-natural remedies to hair loss? Here’s a quick guide for anyone who’s interested in achieving a full head of hair and battling hair loss.


How does hair loss treatment work?


The PRP hair loss treatment involves painless and precise injections in the second layer of the scalp for the stimulation of hair follicles.


The PRP, which contains large amounts of growth factors, is then infused into the scalp, which rejuvenates hair follicles and promotes growth.


The skin is not damaged despite the injection, but is instead stimulated, which means the procedure will eventually reinvigorate the whole hair cycle and foster the growth of new hair follicles, all while also improving the thickness of hair.


Does the treatment hurt?


Apart from minor discomfort during injection, there is no pain at all involved in the PRP hair loss treatment.


Unlike traditional cosmetic treatments such as face lifts and implants, the PRP hair loss treatment doesn’t come with cuts, stitches, or incisions.


Clients can still ask for an injectable or a topical local anaesthetic if that will make them feel more comfortable during treatment.


Note that for 24 hours after the PRP hair loss treatment, there may be swelling or bruising present in the treated area.


How exactly is the procedure done?


A local anaesthetic cream is applied to the scalp for 20 minutes to minimize pain during the procedure.


A blood sample is extracted from the client, after which the blood is placed in the centrifuge for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, plasma will be separated from the red blood cells in the blood sample.


From the base plasma gel, the rich platelets are extracted and then injected strategically into the chosen area to stimulate growth.


Will I see results immediately?


Not immediately. Your increased hair growth will become visible after 3-4 months.


Growth factors take a long time to stimulate the hair follicles completely, which will occur in the months of the following treatments. A minimum of 8 months of hair loss treatment is required to see any great benefits.


Additionally, the treated area may appear shiny and flushed for 24 hours after the procedure. Minor swelling may occur afterwards, which may need a consultation with the cosmetic doctor.


How many treatments will I need?


Unless recommended otherwise by your cosmetic doctor, treatment is best done every 2 weeks to 4 weeks, 3 to 5 times.


Your cosmetic doctor will review your hair growth’s progress after 6 months. It is possible to receive a follow-up treatment at 8 to 9 months after the procedure, if necessary.


This is why it is important to have only have expert doctors treat your hair loss problems. From the consultation to the procedure to the follow-up meetings afterwards, your cosmetic doctor will play a large part in ensuring that your hair growth is continuous and successful.


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