Australians’ desire for cosmetic injections rates number 1 per capita. 1 out of every 10 cosmetic treatments is performed on the male population. In 2014, the estimated noninvasive cosmetic spend in Australia is over $600 million and $300 million of that is for the anti-wrinkle injections only. Facial treatments that focus on rejuvenation are increasingly growing as more men are socially accepting of this trend. 

At any wedding, the main focus is the bride. How she looks on her big day, the wedding dress, jewelry, hair, makeup, and even weight loss. Nowadays, some grooms are starting to improve their looks too, on their special day. 

One of the cosmetic treatments that are a trend for the grooms is Anti-Wrinkle Injections. It is noninvasive and erases lines by tightening the skin and restoring volume. Even their groomsmen are lining up to even out the years before the wedding! 

According to Dr.Dendy Engelman, an aesthetic dermatologist at Manhattan Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, Mr. Baggett (the groom), Corey Baggett (best man) and Rosie Noesi (bride-to-be) made an appointment for a touch up before the wedding. The groom decided to book for a cosmetic treatment when he saw himself in the photos of Corey’s wedding. For the trio, Dr. Engelman performed a fat dissolver to reduce the double chin and define the jawline and an anti-wrinkle injection to erase crow’s feet and forehead lines to look fresh-faced on the big day. 

A specialist in men’s gender issues, Prof Miles Groth said that men are starting and wanting to look good in the same way women have for centuries. The professor of psychology and chairman of the psychology department at Wagner College in New York stated that this new phenomenon of how men look is starting to be expected and accepted. 

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