Considering getting any treatment for the first time can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be, by doing a little research yourself and then speaking with your injector during your consultation to get fully informed about your treatment you’ll quickly learn lip fillers are nothing to be concerned about. Lip fillers are often one of the first cosmetic treatments people receive these days, because they are so popular, work extremely well, and are non-invasive and require no cutting or stitches as they are non-surgical as well.

Getting Started with Lip Fillers

A great start to your lip filler journey is thinking quite hard about what exactly your goals are and what you want to acheive. Reasons for having lip filler treatments are wide and varied so getting to the point you have at least some idea of what you want to adjust, enhance, or rejuvenate is a great start. Anything you’re unsure about, an experienced injector will have some great advice based on what you are thinking, they are a fantastic resource, use them! The more idea of what you have in mind going into your consultation the more time you can spend working on a great plan to get your lips looking amazingly luscious and youthful.

What Kind of Lip Fillers Should I Get?

There’s a wide range of lip fillers on the market these days, thanks in large part to the growing interest in lip fillers, and dermal fillers in general. This increase in interest has resulted in some fantastic options for even the most niche of circumstances. Differing consistencies, cross-linking capabilities, and other variables provide fantastic options for just about any situation. Depending on the state of your lips, and what you are looking to acheive there are specific products that will be better suited to your needs, having a consultation with an experienced Cosmetic Doctor is the best way to get some recommendations and discuss your product options.

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

The simple answer is this varies, depending largely on which specific products you have applied. The slightly less simple answer is this isn’t the only consideration either, depending on how quickly your body metabolizes and absorbs the filler can vary the lasting period. This is fairly unpredictable from person to person. If your injector is experienced with the products they are using, they will be able to provide you with a really respectable estimate based on the expected lasting periods of the products, along with their experience using them with other patients. Lip Fillers can last anywhere between 6 – 18 months, but again, primarily this will be based on the specific type of filler you receive.

Why Don’t Clinics Say What Type of Lip Fillers They Use?

While you often see a lot of talk about the various fillers available today, if you are looking at websites and other material from Australian clinics, and some other countries, will often find they don’t go into detail on what they actually use. Due to regulations in Australia, cosmetic clinics are unable to advertise the specific products they use; this is the kind of thing that can be discussed in private though during your consultation. This is quite familiar with how America often has television ads for medications, but in Australia, this isn’t something you’ll ever see.

Considering Lip Fillers or Have More Lip Filler Questions?

If you are seriously considering getting lip fillers, the best thing to do at that point is to go and have a consultation with an experienced Cosmetic Doctor. At Skin Club in Melbourne, they perform a large number of lip filler treatments, and they have an impressive track record of impressive outcomes for their patients. They offer obligation-free consultations because it’s important you are fully informed before you make a decision, and then follow up with a complimentary review after your procedure if you’d like to ensure you are happy with your results. With experience and a professionally run clinic, owned and operated by qualified doctors, you’ll be in great hands. Book yourself in for a consultation and find out why Skin Club is the best option for lip fillers in Melbourne.

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