Will dermal fillers keep your skin from looking old? The answer is a definite yes.


While there’s no shame in aging, there’s also no fun in covering up wrinkles. Neither is there any sense in spending hundreds of dollars on makeup that claim they can make your lips look full when they don’t.


Between going to work, hanging out with friends, and doing the things that make them happy, the modern Melbourne woman has no time to keep checking the mirror, worrying whether or not they’re looking their best for the day.


That’s where lip and dermal fillers come in — making sure your face remains the perfect canvas it already is, as you put on your makeup, ready your smile and head out for the day with a brave face.


Still, you might be wondering if lip and dermal fillers are for you, or even if they’re safe. Will they burn a hole through your wallet, or give you the dreaded duck face? Skin Club has brought all the answers to your fingertips. Read on to find out.


What are lip and dermal fillers?


Did you know that the face naturally loses fat as it ages? This may leave your face looking hollow and thin. Lip fillers and dermal fillers are both cosmetic treatments with different ways of preventing your facial assets from looking less than best!


Lip fillers add extra volume and plumpness to your lips and face, while dermal fillers not only remove lines and wrinkles, but also plumps up your cheeks and creases.


Areas commonly given dermal fillers include the lips, cheeks and under the eyes. The nose can also be re-shaped using dermal fillers.


For best results, both procedures should make use of only high quality fillers. There’s no need to worry, however, as one of the key ingredients of fillers is hyaluronic acid, a substance that naturally occurs in the body and is 100% safe to use.


How do I know if I can get lip and dermal fillers?


This one is an easy question to answer. As long as you’re healthy and willing to get lip and dermal fillers, then you’re good to go!


What’s important is to consult first with a cosmetic doctor to make sure that you’re getting the treatment you deserve. No one wants to sport a duck face or an over-pumped face. Experts should carefully discuss with you what you can expect from the treatment, so you can rest assured that your lip and dermal fillers will look natural on your face.


What happens during procedure?


Clients interested in lip and dermal fillers need to talk with an expert first to come up with a personalized treatment. Remember that every individual is different and has different needs! The same principle applies to lip and dermal fillers.


Lip and dermal fillers don’t hurt, except for some minor discomfort. Fillers these days come with a healthy dose of lignocaine, which greatly helps the relief of discomfort. While some clients choose to have anaesthetic cream applied to their lips before the procedure, there is generally very little to worry about when it comes to pain during treatment.


How long is recovery time?


Improvements will be noticed immediately! However clients are advised not to wear any makeup or products for at least 12 hours after the treatment.


There may also be some minimal swelling or bruising up to 2 weeks after the treatment, although this can be easily covered up with makeup. Extremely warm environments like saunas and sunbeds should also be avoided until 2 weeks have passed since your lip and dermal filler treatment.


How much will lip and dermal fillers cost me?


Both lip and dermal fillers each start at 395 AUD per ml. Price varies depending on the areas to be treated and the amount of fillers to be used.


What’s more important, however, is deciding where to get your lip and dermal fillers.


For 100% assurance that your treatment will be hassle-free and handled only by experts, Skin Club – Cosmetic Doctors at Melbourne is the place to go.


Not only are you provided by an obligation-free consultation, you are also treated by doctors who are members of the Australiasian College of Aesthetic Medicine, all with years of experience doing lip and dermal fillers, as well as handling different kinds of cosmetic situations.


Landing a consultation with experts is as easy as answering our online form, calling us at (03) 9999 7368 or dropping by at the Skin Club clinic at Studio 1 150A Chapel Street, Windsor.


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