People say that “you have to be thankful when you age because it simply means that you are continually living.”

Indeed, people age and their skin ages with them. Unfortunately, no one can escape the natural process of aging. As time goes by, the skin becomes saggy and wrinkles begin to make their mark. However, the advancements of cosmetic technology offer a non-surgical solution called thread lifting.

What is thread lifting?

Thread lifting is a minimally invasive treatment that helps tighten the skin while promoting a smooth and youthful look to your face. This treatment is becoming one of the favourite options for patients who want facial rejuvenation without the risks of surgical procedures.

Otherwise known as a stitch lift, this procedure uses dissolvable sutures that provide a “lifting” impact on your facial structures. The indistinct but visible lift on the skin is the result of compacting the facial tissues as it pulls the skin up with the help of thread implantation.

While face lifting through a surgical procedure removes the loosened skin, thread lifting works by suspending the skin and stitching portions of it to create a tightened and lifted appearance. Thus, a surgical facelift takes about six months to one year healing period whereas thread lifting takes less than a week of healing time.

Other than having tighter, smoother, and softer skin, opting for a thread lifting procedure can help stimulate the production of collagen in your skin, especially where the thread is passed through. Collagen is a rich protein suppletory that promotes a faster healing process and keeps the connective tissues intact. It also helps keep the skin supple and hydrated.

Collagen is naturally produced by the body during your younger years but its production starts to diminish as you reach mid-age. Immersing your skin with an overwhelming supply of collagen can keep the laxity of the skin. However, as you age and lose the natural supply of collagen in your body, your skin will get wrinkly and saggy.

One of the most prominent facial structure that gets all wrinkly and saggy is the eye area. In this light, you may opt for a thread lifting treatment specifically designed for the eyes and their surrounding structures and muscles. This treatment is called fox eye thread lift.

What is a fox eye thread lift?

Our fox eye thread lift in Toorak is becoming a popular cosmetic treatment that addresses skin aging issues around the eyes. This treatment uses soluble threads to lift the skin at the corner of your upper eyelid and stretches it back towards the temples. This technique creates almond-shaped eyes while simultaneously lifting the brow tail.

This treatment is designed to “lift” the corner of the eyes and eyebrows. It works by inserting the suture thread underneath your skin and making a pulling back action to acheive the look that patients desire. Fox eye thread lift procedures vary from one person to another and patients have distinct and unique eye aging issues and probable solutions.

How can fox eye thread lift help you?

If you feel like your eyebrows are drooping and the skin around your eyes are sagging, a fox eye thread lift can help you fight these signs of aging. This treatment also helps open up the eyes while improving their shape. It helps improve the upper eyelid hood and lift the eyebrow tail.

The use of dissolvable thread in fox eye thread lift procedures help boost the collagen level in your skin. The refurbishment of collagen begins as the thread is passed through the affected areas. This regenerating effect of collagen production continues even after the threads have dissolved.

The effects of fox eye thread lift differ from one person to another as it depends on the complexity of the lifting technique, targeted area, and type of thread used. Some patients opt for this treatment because they wanted to copy the famous cat-like “Instagram fox eyes.”

A fox eye thread lift is a non-surgical facelifting procedure that tightens the corners of the eyes and eyebrows. If you are unhappy with the shape and texture of your eyes and eyebrows, the fox eye thread lift is an amazing minimally invasive option that offers more pronounced results and youthful-looking skin.

How does the fox eye thread lift work?

Fox eye thread lift begins to work wonders when these threads are passed through underneath your skin. As the threads are inserted, it begins to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Your eye will immediately feel “lifted” as the sagging skin around it is repositioned. Once these sutures are dissolved, they break down into glucose, carbon dioxide and water while gradually integrating with your skin tissues.

Fox eye thread lift procedures may use any of these types of thread:

  1. NovaThreads: This type is polydioxanone-based that is safe for absorption of the body. These threads are smooth and maybe barbed, straight, or curved. These sutures are ideal for heavy lifting action and are also excellent for stimulating the production of collagen in the skin.
  2. Silhouette InstaLift: These threads are biocompatible materials that rely on polydioxanone. Using this type of thread promotes a more focused lifting of the skin that primarily addresses sagging concerns. This type of thread lift is composed of several sutures interspersed with tiny “cones” that instinctively grab several skin tissues at the same time.
  3. Polydioxanone or PDO Thread: This is one of the most commonly used as a surgical suture that lasts for about six months before it totally dissolves. PDO thread has been specifically used in most biomedical applications and is primarily used in producing high quality dissolvable surgical sutures.
  4. Poly-L-Lactic Acid or PLLA Thread: These threads work similarly to PDO threads in surgical sutures but have greater longevity.
  5. Polycaprolactone or PCL Thread: Similar to PLLA threads, this type of thread has lasting longevity that helps stimulate the production of collagen for a longer period.

How long does a fox eye thread lift last?

While fox eye thread lift procedures take about fifteen minutes to perform, the results are amazing and long-lasting. Fox eye thread lifts can last between one to three years or even more. Every person has varying skin texture and eye structures. This creates a variance in the longevity of thread lifts among individuals.

While some may even enjoy the effects of thread lift for a lifetime, others may repeat a fox eye thread lift treatment after two years or when signs of aging skin around the eyes start to manifest once again. This can also help maintain the effectiveness of the results.

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