What is a fox eye thread lift?

Fox eye thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure that uses soluble polydioxanone-based threads to created the lifted look of the eyes. It also tends to elongate the eye resulting in an almond-shaped appearance while simultaneously lifting the corner of your eyebrows.

Fox Eye Thread Lift Procedure

Our Malvern fox eye thread lift procedure starts with the application of local anesthesia in the treatment area. When your eye structures are numb and ready, your cosmetic doctor will insert a pre-threaded thin cannula into the subdermal level of the skin. About 1-1.5cm above this first cannula, a second cannula will be inserted.

These threads are made of polydioxanone or polypropylene biocompatible materials which are often referred to as PDO threads. Some of these threads contain several sutures interspersed with tiny “cones” that instinctively grab more skin tissues.

As the cannula is slowly withdrawn, it creates a “lifting” motion that causes the tissue to gather over the thread. The threads will then be pulled towards the temples until the desired effect is acheived. Afterwhich the long ends of the threads are cut off.

As the threads slowly work their way through the subcutaneous layer of the skin, the growth of new collagen and fibrous tissues is stimulated. This helps tighten the affected skin area while promoting a good lifting hold underneath the skin. The collagen growth boosts the natural healing of the treated areas which helps acheive longer-lasting results.

After six months to one year, the PDO threads will undergo a natural process of hydrolysis. This process is the chemical breakdown of the thread into glucose, carbon dioxide, and water. When the threads have dissolved, the collagen and fibrous tissues that have developed will continue to show a lifting effect while promoting supple youthful-looking skin around the eyes.

Fox Eye Thread Lift vs. Surgical eyelift

Surgical eyelifts are a very invasive procedure that requires removing the excess skin and suturing the cuts and incisions. Fox eye thread lifts, on the other hand, are minimally invasive procedures that require the suspending and lifting of the sagging skin.

Fox eye thread lift is more time and cost-efficient. Surgical eye enhancements may require a long stay in the hospital as well as a long recovery period. A fox eye thread lift procedure will take less than half an hour with little to no downtime and up to three days of recovery time.

Since surgical eyelifts include slicing and cutting of the skin, that makes it is more susceptible to infection, complications, and relapses. Comparatively, since fox eye thread lifting is non-surgical, there is rarely any risk.

Expected Results from a Fox Eye Thread Lift

Right after the procedure, you may expect some slight swelling and bruising on the treatment sites but these downtimes will last for just a few hours. While instantly noticeable results are manifested right after the treatment, a more pronounced outcome can be seen once the new collagen and fibrous tissues have developed underneath the skin.

The results are temporary but may last between one to two years. In this light, it may be necessary to schedule subsequent treatments after about six to twelve months to maintain optimum results.

To ensure lasting and effective results, make sure to follow the DOs and DON’Ts aftercare list of your trusted cosmetic doctor. You should avoid, alcoholic beverages, smoking, and blood-thinning medicines that may adversely affect the healing of the treated area.

How long does fox eye thread lift last?

On average, fox eye thread lift procedures can last between one to two years depending on the type of thread used for the treatment and the extent of your skin condition. You may visit our skin clinic near Malvern for top-up treatments or another eye lifting procedure to help maintain the texture and structure of your skin around the eyes.

Side Effects of a Fox Eye Thread Lift Treatment

Within the next forty-eight hours following the procedure, you may experience some mild to moderate swelling and bruising which usually subside after a few hours. However, when these bruising and swelling pursue even after three days, it is best to consult your cosmetic doctor.

Each person has his or her specific and unique body mechanism in coping and recuperating from cosmetic procedures. While some may heal within hours, others may take weeks or even months to recover. However your body works, it is always important to reach out to your doctor to reduce any risks of complications and infections. To prevent any untoward after-effects, find a professional and licensed provider of fox eye thread lift procedures near Malvern. 

Find a Professional Provider of Fox Eye Thread Lift near Malvern

SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors servicing the residents of Malvern and the surrounding communities offers quality and effective fox eye thread lifts using the most advanced cosmetic technologies. All our fox eye thread lift procedures are performed by experienced and highly skilled cosmetic surgeons and doctors with proven years of practice.

The accommodating and comfortable environment in our skin clinic provides an exceptional experience while producing proven results. Our fox eye thread lifts are guaranteed to have reliable and reasonably long-lasting results.

We will work with you until we acheive the reality of the eye appearance that you have been dreaming of. Your cosmetic doctor will help you create an eye enhancement treatment plan that works well with your skin condition and facial structures.

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