Are you into the fox eye trend?

Do you like to have that attractive fox eye look?

The cosmetic industry always tends to keep up with the trending times. Thus, it can keep up with the cat-like fox eye trend in social media with the advanced treatment known as fox eye tread lift. However, always remember that just like any other cosmetic treatments, fox eye thread lift comes with pros and cons. Also, when a cosmetic treatment works for one person, it does not necessarily mean that it will also work for you.

Fox Eye Trend Popularized by Celebrities

The social media industry had been the most influential tool in most people’s way of life. Whatever generation they belong to, people tend to follow social media influencers to keep up with the trend. One perfect example is the fox eye trend.

What is the fox eye trend?

The fox eye trend is popularised by celebrities and personalities like Bella Hadid and Megan Fox. This eye trend features an upward pull of the corner of the eyes and eyebrow tails almost looking like the eyes of a fox. It exudes accentuating piercing almond-shaped eyes that appear slanted or elongated while creating a sultry effect.

Most social media followers acheive this look through the careful hands of make-up artists. However, in today’s advanced cosmetic world, a more lasting fox eye effect can be acheived with a fox eye thread lift procedure.

What is a fox eye thread lift treatment?

Our fox eye thread lift in Kew is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that helps you get almond-shaped and upturned eyes without the hassles of a surgical facelift. This treatment is a minimally invasive, safe, and pain-free procedure that helps lift the outer corner of your eyes and eyebrows by pulling it towards the temples.

Just like any other cosmetic treatments, fox eye thread lift provides various results and effects depending on the shape and size of your eyes, the extent of sagging surrounding eye structures, and the type of thread used. In most cases, this procedure takes about fifteen to thirty minutes to complete the treatment.

This procedure is known for its time and cost-efficiency. It offers little to no downtimes with a short recovery time. Fox eye thread lift a minimally invasive treatment that helps tighten the skin while promoting a rejuvenated look to your face.

An ideal candidate for fox eye thread lifts is someone with deep-set and fairly low medial arched lateral eyebrows. Patients should have minimal fat stores in the eye socket and their skin should be prone to produce a good level of collagen.


How does fox eye thread lift work?

Our fox eye thread lift procedure in Kew only uses dissolvable biocompatible threads to create a “lifting” and elongated appearance of the eyes while simultaneously pulling your eyebrow tails upward. This also helps combat drooping eyebrows and upper eyelids as well as sagging lower eyelids.

Fox eye thread lift does not just address skin aging issues but also work to soften fine lines, and improve tissue elasticity around the eyes. This treatment also boosts the quality, texture, and radiance of your facial structures, especially the eyes and eyebrows.

This procedure works by stimulating collagen and elastin production through the insertion of the thread underneath the skin at the corner of your eyes. Once these threads are dissolved, they break down into glucose, carbon dioxide and water while gradually integrating with your skin tissues. Thus, collagen production continues even after the absorption of the thread.

Fox eye thread lift is best combined with other facial treatments and skin care procedures. Your trusted cosmetic doctors in Kew will discuss with you the pros and cons of combining this treatment with other facial and skincare procedures. Some of these combined procedures result in a more efficient and reliable outcome.

How long does it take to recover from a fox eye thread lift?

After a fox eye thread lift procedure, you may drive home or return to work immediately. Downtimes may include minimal swelling on the affected areas but will immediately subside in a few hours. Compared to other cosmetic procedures, fox eye thread lift has the least recovery time which takes only about three days.

What should you expect after a fox eye thread lift procedures?

Each patient has varying skin texture and structures surrounding the eyes. This creates a variance in the longevity of thread lifts among individuals. While some may enjoy the effects of thread lift for a lifetime, others may need to repeat a fox eye thread lift treatment when signs of aging skin around the eyes start to manifest once again.

Here are some factors that you may experience after a fox eye thread lift:

  • Right after the procedure, you may expect slight to moderate swelling especially on the areas “lifted” or where the thread passed through.
  • Skin irregularities may occur along the thread lifting areas like dimples, puckering, and bunching. However, these recovery downtimes are temporary and will diminish after the affected area has recovered.
  • Firmness under the skin of the “lifted” area.
  • Although it will not affect the symmetry created by the procedure, you may expect some snapping of thread sutures.
  • Tightness will subdue and become better after few weeks.
  • While the affected area will recover within the next three days, you should give the thread sutures a few weeks to settle in.

The threads inserted underneath the skin are clear and almost invisible to the naked eyes. Thus, you should be very vigilant and gentle when cleaning your face, especially the affected area. You should also avoid engaging in strenuous physical activities as they may increase the risk of swelling or induce unnecessary bleeding.

Where should I get fox eye thread lift treatment in Kew?

SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors is the leading provider of fox eye thread lift and other skincare procedures in Kew. We provide an exceptional fox eye thread lifting experience while producing quality results proven by years of experience and practice. All our treatments are performed by highly trained and licensed cosmetic doctors to ensure quick, safe, effective and reasonably long-lasting results.

Our cosmetic doctors will work with you until we acheive the cat-like fox eye appearance that you have been dreaming of. After a comprehensive diagnosis and evaluation of your eye structures, we will create a fox eye thread lift treatment plan that works well with your facial features.

Let us help you create the beauty that your eyes will radiate… Visit SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors and try our Kew fox eye thread lift today!


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