Most people believe that “aging is not losing your youthfulness but an opportunity to take the lead and improve yourself.” Thus, when you age, you should not worry about getting all wrinkly and saggy, rather you should take the initiative and make things happen for your skin.

When you age, your skin will lose its vitality and signs of skin aging like deep-seated lines and sagging will become more and more evident. You will wake up one morning and notice that your eyebrows are beginning to sag, while your eyelids are beginning to droop and get baggy.

Before these eye aging indicators start to bother you, why not visit our skin clinic near Highett and seek the advice of your trusted cosmetic doctor about fox eye thread lift. This is one of the various ways of reversing these signs of eye aging.

What is a fox eye thread lift?

Fox eye thread lift is a non-surgical procedure that uses medical-grade soluble polydioxanone-based suture threads to create the lifted look of the eyes. It also tends to elongate the eye resulting in an almond-shaped appearance while simultaneously lifting the corner of your eyebrows.

Fox Eye Thread Lift Procedure Highett

Just like other cosmetic procedures, fox eye thread lift starts with the application of a topical sedative or local anesthesia in the treatment area. After numbing the treatment area, your cosmetic doctor will insert a pre-threaded thin cannula underneath your skin.

Highett fox eye thread lift procedures use medical-grade soluble threads that consist of several sutures interspersed with tiny “cones” that instinctively grab several skin tissues. Several threads will be inserted according to the desired appearance and the extent of the loosened skin that needs the “lifting” effect.

Fox eye thread lift aims to reposition the skin tissues of the eyes and eyebrows to restore their youthful symmetry and contour. This non-surgical treatment offers immediate results while boosting collagen levels in the treated areas. It helps rejuvenate and modify the shape of the eyes while tightening the skin of the surrounding structures.

Aftereffects of a Fox Eye Thread Lift

The skin texture and structure of every patient vary from one another. This and other factors such as the type of thread used and the extent of loosened skin are factors that may affect the longevity of fox eye thread lift among individuals.

While some may enjoy the effects of thread lift for a lifetime, others may need to repeat a fox eye thread lift treatment when signs of aging around the eyes start to manifest once again. Despite this varying longevity, each patient can enjoy the lasting effects of a fox eye thread lift like the firmness under the skin of the “lifted” area.

Right after the procedure, you may expect slight to moderate swelling coupled with some bruising especially where the thread is passed through and the areas “lifted.” Skin irregularities like dimples, puckering, and bunching may also occur on the thread lifting areas. However, just like the swelling and bruising that you experience after the treatment, these skin irregularities are temporary and will fade away after recovery.

While the affected area will recover within the next three days, you should give the thread sutures a few weeks to settle in. The feeling of tightness will also subtle down and become better after about two weeks. During this time, you may expect some snapping of thread sutures but there is nothing to worry about as this will not affect the symmetry created by the fox eye thread lift.

How long does fox eye thread lift last?

While fox eye thread lift offers temporary results, it can last between one to two years depending on the type of thread used, the extent of your skin sagging condition, and the coping mechanism of your body.

After about six months to one year, you may notice that the signs of aging are creeping back again. At this time, you may visit our skin clinic near Highett for top-up treatments or another fox eye thread lift procedure to help maintain the texture of your skin and the appearance of your fox-like eyes.

Why is a fox eye thread lift a better choice than a surgical eyelift?

Cost Efficiency

Fox eye thread lift is more cost-efficient compared to surgical eyelift. Imagine this, whether you opt for a surgical eyelift or a fox eye thread lift, the process of aging will still continue. And signs of aging will show up again after about two years.

Spending more on a surgical option will not buy off your aging process. Opting for a fox eye thread lift costs less even though the effects are temporary. Getting a touch-up or a subsequent fox eye thread lift is still less expensive than getting a surgical eyelift.

Time Efficiency

Surgical eye enhancements may require a long stay in the hospital as well as a long recovery period. Whereas a fox eye thread lift procedure will take about twenty to thirty minutes with little to no downtime and around three days of recovery time.

Minimally Invasive

Fox eye thread lifts are minimally invasive treatments that require the suspending and lifting of the sagging skin. Surgical eyelifts, on the other hand, are a very invasive procedure as it requires removing the excess skin and suturing the cuts and incisions.

No Complications

Fox eye thread lifting is non-surgical, hence, less invasive. This gives it lesser chances of incurring any complications and adverse side effects. Comparatively, surgical eyelifts include slicing and cutting of the skin, which makes it is more susceptible to infection, complications, and relapses.

Where should I go for the best fox eye thread lift?

SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors near Highett is your trusted provider of fox eye thread lift treatments. Our cosmetic doctors are highly skilled and professional with proven years of experience and a satisfied clientele.

We aim to provide eye aesthetic enhancements that will directly remedy your woes and provide the refreshed eyes that you deserve. Your cosmetic doctors will create a fox eye treatment plan that will provide amazing results which will complement your facial features. We will work with you from consultation until we acheive the fox-like eyes that you have been dreaming of.

All our fox eye thread lift treatments use medical-grade biocompatible suture threads that do not just enhance the appearance of your eyes but help in regenerating the collagen level underneath your skin. We pride ourselves on skincare treatments that are guaranteed safe and effective coupled with state-of-the-art cosmetic technology.

Let’s make your fox-like eyes into reality… Visit SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors and try our fox eye thread lift Highett today!




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