Perhaps you are familiar with the popular fox eye challenge in social media where the eyes of celebrities like Bella Hadid looked like fox eyes. And you are probably wondering how you can transform your eyes into these cat-like almond-shaped eyes.

Wonder no more!

Our skin clinic near Cheltenham offers the best fox eye thread lift procedures that can help you acheive those fox-like eyes.

What is a fox eye thread lift?

Fox eye thread lift is an eye lifting technique that can be used to recreate the popular fox eye trend giving your eyes a subtle oblique position outward the brow area. This treatment effectively “lifts and elongates” the upper eyelid creating a beautiful almond eye shape while simultaneously lifting your brow tails.

Our Cheltenham fox eye thread lift is not just for trendsetting purposes, it can also be used as a refined solution for other eye concerns such as a heavy brow, asymmetry and hooded lids. Fox eye thread lift can also help combat crow’s feet and fine lines around the eyes.

This eye-enhancing treatment uses soluble biocompatible threads which consist of tiny cones that allow the threads to grasp into the deep tissues underneath the skin. As these threads hold onto the skin tissues, they also stimulate the regeneration of collagen to maintain the skins natural hydration leaving it supple and smooth. Increasing the level of collagen underneath the skin can also induce faster healing effects.

Advantages of Fox Eye Thread Lifts

Here are some advantages of fox eye thread lift


  • Non-surgical and Minimally-invasive: Fox eye thread lifts are non-surgical minimally invasive procedures that entail little to no risks of complications, side effects, and surgical relapses
  • Virtually No Scarring: This treatment would only require the insertion of the thread sutures underneath the skin, hence, no scarring will occur during and after the healing process.
  • Faster Recovery Time: One of the many enticing benefits of fox eye thread lift is the quick recovery time which may only take about three days.
  • Little to No Downtime: After the procedure, you may experience mild to moderate swelling and bruising which will subside within a few hours. Some patients may not even feel any downtime and can resume their normal activities right away. You may also drive home unaccompanied or return to work immediately after the procedure.
  • Temporary but Long-lasting: We live in a modern world where cosmetic procedures are designed to cope with the process of aging. Although fox eye thread lift offers a temporary result, it provides relatively lasting results until the signs of aging start to become visible once again.
  • Cost-efficient: Remember that we cannot stop the process of aging. With fox eye thread lift, the cost is comparatively lower than a surgical eyelift and getting a subsequent procedure would still save you a lot of money than getting surgery.
  • Instantly Noticeable Results: Fox eye thread lifts offer instantly noticeable results right after the procedure which will let you walk out of our skin clinic feeling satisfied, younger, and rejuvenated.


How does the fox eye thread lift work?

Fox eye thread lift starts to work when the polydioxanone or polypropylene biocompatible threads are passed through underneath your skin. As the threads are inserted, it begins to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

You will feel that your eyes are “lifted” and the sagging skin around it is repositioned to acheive the look that you desire. In about six months, these suture threads will start dissolving and when they do, they break down into glucose, carbon dioxide and water, When this happens, they gradually integrate with the tissues underneath your skin.

How should I prepare for a fox eye thread lift?

When you feel like there is so much more than you can do for your eyes, you can visit our skin clinic near Cheltenham. You may consult and seek the advice of your trusted cosmetic doctor if fox eye thread lift is the best solution for your eye aesthetic enhancement and if you are ready for the treatment.

During the consultation, your doctor will evaluate the skin and condition of the surrounding structures of your eyes. After a thorough assessment and diagnosis, your doctor will create a fox eye treatment plan that will work well with your skin while achieving the eye appearance that you desire

SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors offers same-day treatment to residents of Cheltenham and the nearby communities. However, for at least one week before your clinic visit, you have to make sure that you have not been drinking alcohol-based beverages or taking blood-thinning medicines. You should also discontinue smoking during this time.

What should you expect from a fox eye thread lift?

Fox eye thread lift offers virtually no downtime with about three days to one week of recovery time. While instantly noticeable results are manifested right after the treatment, a more pronounced outcome can be seen after ten to fourteen days.

Just like any other non-surgical cosmetic procedures, the results of fox eye thread lift are temporary but may last between one to two years. To ensure lasting and effective results, make sure to follow the DOs and DON’Ts aftercare guidelines set by your cosmetic doctor.

One of the most important aftercare DON’T that you should follow religiously is to avoid smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, and taking blood-thinning medicines and supplements. These may contain substances that may adversely affect the healing process of the treated area. In some instances, it may even result in excessive swelling, bruising, and bleeding.

Why should patients in Cheltenham choose SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors?

SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors is the leading provider of fox eye thread lift procedures for the residents of Cheltenham and the nearby areas. All our fox eye thread lifts and other eye enhancing treatments are guaranteed safe, effective, and reliable while using only top-of-the-line cosmetic skincare technology.

Our experienced and licensed cosmetic doctors and surgeon will make you feel anxious-free and comfortable from consultation until after the procedure. Together, we will help you experience youthful-looking eyes with reliable and long-lasting effects. We aim to help you acheive the eye aesthetic enhancement that you desire and deserve. 

Remember that your eyes will radiate the confidence that you feel within… Visit SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors and try our fox eye thread lift Cheltenham today!


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