Everyone struggles with wrinkles. As you get older, there is little you can do about them and they are just going to keep coming, year after year. You can try to cover them up with makeup, but that does not really work out that good, and anti-aging lotions and creams often have a less than desirable effect.

But do not worry, there is a way! Since a lot of people struggle with wrinkles on their foreheads, that makes forehead fillers one of the most commonly received cosmetic treatments. Such a treatment can easily rid you of those ugly wrinkles, leaving your forehead smooth and good as new. There is a catch, however – the price! But do not worry, as after reading this article you are sure to get a better grip on the topic.

The classic solution: BOTOX

Yes, you probably have heard about BOTOX a million times over already, but when it comes to cosmetic treatments targeting the forehead, it is still one of the most popular choices. BOTOX provides immediate results and will definitely smooth your forehead nicely, leaving you with a fresh and young look once again. Moreover, BOTOX is not as expensive as you may have been led to believe. The average dose of BOTOX for forehead is around twenty units, making the cost of such a treatment around $300.

However, this may not be the final expense you are going to have to fork over for the treatment. Those twenty units are only the starting dose, and you will have to wait a week or two for a feedback from your doctor, who will decide whether you will need another injection to keep the results up or to enhance them. If you have some really difficult to remove wrinkles, it might even take up to a month and a couple of treatments to finish, further winding the price up.

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The new trend: dermal fillers

Another good way to accomplish your goal and have a beautiful, unaged face is to go with dermal fillers. They are becoming more and more popular, as they not only present some of the best results available when it comes to cosmetic treatments, but are also among one of the safest there are! There is also a wide variety of fillers available, so there is a plenty to choose from. Even if you are allergic to some of the substances of a specific filler, you can always choose another one!

But the pricing of dermal fillers is a little difficult to pinpoint. Since there is a whole range of different fillers, each of them has its own individual price. The general consensus is that a single unit of a filler which is not based on your own body fat will cost you around $550, and a single unit is not always enough. Also, such an injection will be effective most often only for about six to twelve months, sometimes a little longer, depending on the filler.

There are also injections which have a filler based on your own body fat, eliminating the risk of allergy and reducing side effects to a minimum. Those, however, often cost upwards for a thousand for a SINGLE injection, and you will most likely need to redo the treatment sometime in the future.

A premium choice: skin resurfacing

If having a laser remove the wrinkles in your forehead has always been your fantasy, you might want to check this one out. Skin resurfacing is also among the most effective treatments there are and, moreover, it is non-invasive, almost removing any possible side effects. However, the laser will probably be not able to remove some deeper wrinkles, as it works by removing surface-level skin cells. It is also not advised to go with the procedure for people with acne or with a very dark skin tone.

While laser resurfacing sure does sound good, it is also quite an expensive procedure. The average cost of a laser resurfacing treatment revolves around $2,200 to $2,400, but the price varies from place to place and depends on the type of the laser. The price may seem high, but in reality, it will not differ much from fillers, as those require repeated treatments which add up to the final price in the end.

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