Patterns, balance, and symmetry are something people’s brains notice even subconsciously; this makes lack of proportion a common cosmetic concern, especially in prominent facial features like the lips. If your lips are out of proportion with your other features or worse yet, each other, this can be quite obvious. The lips are something people often draw attention to, one of the reasons lipstick is such a popular makeup staple. Not feeling confident about how your lips match the rest of your face can be a real detriment to your confidence, and make it hard to embrace your personal aesthetic fully.

Improve Lip Size without Surgery

When your lips are out of proportion you may think your only choice is cosmetic surgery, this is often not the case. Unless you require a reduction in size, lip fillers make an excellent option for adjusting the size and shape of your lips in various ways. Through the addition of volume in the right amounts with precision placement, a lot can be acheived. There are a lot of reasons people like to avoid surgical options, often resulting in them putting off dealing with cosmetic complaints, many of the common concerns, such as requiring downtime for recovery aren’t an issue with lip fillers.

How are Lip Fillers Performed?

Using a tiny needle, or in some cases, a blunt cannula this is an injectable procedure. Lip fillers are injected into the lips in various places depending on the specific goals of your treatment, increasing the size of the lip wherever the filler is placed. The procedure is performed quite quickly, taking on average 15 minutes. Numbing cream can be used, but typically is not required as the treatment is considered quite tolerable in regards to pain by most people. However, if you are especially pain-sensitive, you can request some. Lip fillers also are generally mixed with a local anaesthetic that helps numb the area during the treatment, making this even more tolerable.

Lip Filler Side Effects

Like any cosmetic treatment, there is a potential for side effects. When using high-quality lip fillers, applied by an experienced professional injector, lip fillers None the less there is still some potential risks on the more severe side of things (often caused by inexperience) filler injected into a vein or artery can cause quite severe problems, especially if not dealt with quickly. The most common lip filler side effects though are mild bruising and swelling, these are usually relatively mild and fade over the few days following your treatment. Speak with your injector about all the risks thoroughly to make sure you understand them and are fully informed, this is important no matter what treatment you are considering, even those considered quite safe like lip fillers.

The Golden Ratio

While beauty and what people find attractive or aesthetically pleasing does vary dramatically, facial proportions can be looked at using what is referred to as the golden ratio, to help with proportions and size of facial features like the lips to get the most natural-looking results. The golden ratio uses maths to try and produce a well proportioned, balanced, and symmetrical face. An experienced Cosmetic Doctor will be able to use their skills to help build a good balance, and will often take this into account when you are focused on achieving a very natural-looking aesthetic.

Getting the Perfect Lip Proportions in Melbourne

At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors in Melbourne, they understand the importance of balance and have the expertise and skill to help assist their patients in improving their proportions when they aren’t optimally balanced. The lips are a prominent feature, one that the eyes are drawn to subconsciously as people look for expression and listen to you speak, this makes it a feature that is worth paying attention to when looking to work on your overall aesthetic. Whether one lip is smaller than would optimally match the other or both lips are more modest than would optimally suit your other features, lip fillers can help. Feeling great and looking natural, the highest quality of fillers available at Skin Club applied by their skilled injectors can help you reach your aesthetic targets. Book a consultation today to find out what lip fillers can do to help get you feeling more balanced.

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