Some people say that “getting old is not bad when you learn about taking the best alternatives.” While aging is something that you should be anticipating, it should not be considered as shackles to self-enhancement.

Most people experience aging with developed involutional ophthalmic diseases including eyelid aging. Some ophthalmic disorders common to individuals as they reach mid-age are blepharitis, dermatochalasis, ptosis, blepharochalasis, ectropion, and entropion. 

Eyelid aging manifests progressive loss of tone and laxity that both the ocular surface and adnexal tissues of the eyelids undergo. While there is more than one way to combat these signs of eyelid aging, eyelid surgery is the best way to help improve the appearance and texture of the eyelids. 

What is eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery is otherwise known as blepharoplasty. It can be performed on the upper, lower, or both eyelids. As you age, you will notice that your eyelids may begin to droop or the skin surrounding your eyelids may stretch and sag. Some may also notice the formation of baggy eyes under the lower eyelids.

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that improves the condition of droopy eyelids, sagging eyebrows, and baggy eyes. In essence, this treatment helps rejuvenate the area surrounding your eyes. It ensures more vibrant and youthful-looking eyelids.

Why should you choose eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery through upper, lower, or double blepharoplasty enhances the appearance of your eyes by making them look younger and radiant. You may opt for eyelid surgery when you notice baggy or droopy upper eyelids, when the excess skin of the upper eyelids interferes with your peripheral vision, when the excess skin on the lower eyelids begins to sag, or when the bags under your eyes start to develop.

Kew eyelid surgery provides rejuvenation to your aging eyelids as they promote suppleness and firmness on your eyelids and around your eyes. All our blepharoplasty treatments in Kew are guaranteed safe and effective because we use state-of-the-art surgical equipment and devices.

Preparing for Eyelid Surgery

Your cosmetic doctor may ask you to undertake the following before your scheduled eyelid surgery:

  • Eat a light meal like soup at dinner the night before your eyelid surgery.
  • Avoid eating or drinking anything after midnight before the day of your eyelid surgery.
  • You may be advised to stop taking any blood-thing medication or any medicine that may hinder blotting normally. It is also highly recommended that you stop taking medicines that may increase the risks of excess bleeding.
  • In case you have essential medications as prescribed by your physicians, you may take them with a small sip of water. However, remember to let your cosmetic surgeon know about this.
  • Avoid wearing makeup of any kind on the day of surgery.
  • Ask a family member or a friend to take you home after the treatment and to help you around the house for the next twenty-four hours or as needed.

Before the eyelid surgery procedure, anesthetics will be administered to help ease any pain or discomfort during the treatment. Your cosmetic doctor will discuss with you whether local anesthetics or general anesthesia will be administered. Remember to inform your cosmetic doctor about any allergies you may have on sedatives or anesthetics.

What should I expect during eyelid surgery?

All eyelid surgical procedures are performed in our skin clinic in Kew. We ensure a clean, safe, and comfortable environment.

Eyelid surgeries can be performed on upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both. The procedure starts when your cosmetic surgeon marks the areas where excess skin and fat pockets need to be enhanced.

Incisions are then made to remove unwanted tissues using surgical instruments or radiofrequency cutting devices. After removing the excess skin tissues and fat pads, the incisions will be sutured or fastened with tissue adhesives. This helps make the incisions smooth and limpid.

Incisions are made along the natural folds of the eyelids, usually in the crease of the upper eyelid or just under the eyelashes of the lower eyelid. This makes the incisions unnoticeable when they have healed. 

There are some cases when your cosmetic surgeon may suggest a combined procedure of eyelid surgery and laser skin resurfacing. This treatment helps promote smooth and wrinkle-free skin on the eyelids and around the eyes.

Another good tandem for enhancing the look of your eyes is a combined eyelid surgery and brow lift. This is recommended for patients with droopy eyebrows. It helps elevate and reposition the eyebrows for a more youthful appearance.

The Amazing Results of Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty aims to provide a more rested and youthful appearance as it helps you to exude more self-confidence. In most cases, the results may last a lifetime. However, some may still feel some moderate effect of aging after about a decade.

Right after the surgery, bruising, reddening, and swelling on the affected areas are normal conditions that may subside gradually within the next two weeks. The tiny scars from the incisions or surgical cuts may take at least six weeks to slowly fade away.

The final outcome will settle in after a few months but the amazing results will last between five to seven years or even more. Although eyelid surgeries relatively last for a lifetime, some patients may require a repeat surgery after a decade or so as the aging process is inevitable.

Where should I go for eyelid surgery?

SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors in Kew is your trusted provider of eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty procedures. Our cosmetic doctors are highly trained and professional. We will work with you from the time of your consultation until we acheive the eyelid enhancement that you have been dreaming of.

Our skin clinic in Kew aims to provide eyelid enhancement procedures that will directly remedy your woes and provide the rejuvenated eyes that you deserve. We pride ourselves on our treatments that are guaranteed safe and efficient coupled with the most advanced cosmetic equipment and surgical devices.

Restore younger-looking eyes and refreshed eyelids with our eyelid surgery Kew! Visit SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors today!











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