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At SKIN CLUB our Cosmetic Doctors are highly trained in the art of Eye Lid Surgery or Blepharoplasty. With refined surgical skills our doctors can provide the perfect lift and create double eye lid effects whilst also take away sagging eye lids. Trust our qualified Cosmetic Doctors to deliver safe and effective results.

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What is Eye Lid Surgery?

Blepharoplasty is a procedure which helps to improve the eyelids shape. The skin on our eyelids is the thinnest skin on the face and can be greatly affected as we age. When it comes to surgery there are a few options:

Upper Eyelids

As time goes on our skin stretches and the excess skin, thanks to gravity creates a hood. With the use of local anesthesia as well as sedation this excess skin can be properly removed.

Lower Eyelids

The fat behind the lower eyelid causes it to be stretched which makes it seem as if you have bags under your eyes. Under local anesthesia and sedation the bags can be fixed by removing the fat behind them.

Asian “Double Eyelid” Surgery

Many Asians do not naturally have a visible crease above the lid margin in the upper eyelid. There is a simple procedure which can create that desired crease. This can be done via a laser procedure which one of the pioneering doctors of this in Australia was Dr. Fox.
Asian ‘double eyelid’ surgery

Laser Eyelid Surgery

Instead of a scalpel a laser can be used to make the necessary incisions on the eyelid procedure, The use of laser means less bleeding and faster recovery.

Why do I need Eye Lid Surgery?

With age the skin on our face loses elasticity, being that our face is always exposed to the elements in our environment it is particularly sensitive to this process. Being as it is the thinnest skin on our face this is especially true with the eyelids, it is the first area that begins showing signs of deterioration.

The thinned skin stretches in the upper eyelid area and this causes the excess skin to create a fold which due to gravity pulls down and creates a hood. Many times the excess skin may sag to the point of touching the base of the eyelashes right at the eyelid margin.

Removing this excess causes improvement which is long term, many times this will last a lifetime.

The thinning skin in the lower eyelid while aging is no longer able to hold back the fat which is located behind it although it is not a large amount of fat. The treatment however reduces the pressure being placed on the lower eyelid skin by the removal of some of the fat to lower the bag produced.

Once the bag, or bulge is removed there may be fine wrinkles in the skin which are easily treated with skin resurfacing which tightens the skin right up.

Who is a good candidate for Eye Lid Surgery?

Anyone dealing with the unattractive hooding on their upper eyelids or the bags on their lower eyelids. Both of these unappealing features cause a consistent tired look on their face and find it quite irritating to constantly be told that it looks as if they could use some extra rest when that is not the case.

Who Is Not A Good Candidate?

There are a few rare eye disorders which would not do well with a blepharoplasty procedure. This is why it may be recommended that an ophthalmologist perform an eye exam prior to the procedure, this is considered an important aspect of the preoperative preparation.

Where is Eye Lid Surgery performed?

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and sedation, it is a day procedure. In order to minimize any bruising, which is generally minimal during the first twenty four hours after the procedure cold compresses are used. There is not always bruising and if there is it is minimal.

How soon after can I return to work?

A week after an upper blepharoplasty the suture in upper eyelid will be removed after which dark glasses are recommended as a great disguise. A lower blepharoplasty does not require sutures being as it is performed through the inner area of the eyelid. Both procedures generally require seven to eight days of recovery after which returning to work and social life is alright.

Any possible side effects?

As with any procedure there is a possibility of bleeding as well as infection. It is uncommon to experience bleeding which could cause a potentially dangerous problem and infections are very rare as well. Another rare occurrence has been loss of vision. It is uncommon to experience an allergic reaction to sedation and allergic reactions to local anesthetic is very rare.




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