Thread lifting, or Thread Liposuction, is a treatment that has been around for over 25 years. The procedure is a non-invasive method that uses a hollow needle to remove fat and excess skin. It can work on the lower abdomen, flanks, and as much as two inches of the thigh area. Thread lifting can be used to reduce the appearance of cellulite, remove excess fat deposits, and get rid of loose skin. However, beyond that people do not always know what is involved with this treatment. Here are a few of the things you should know about thread lifts before you schedule your appointment.

Do’s and Don’ts of Your Thread Lift Treatment

Do ‘s Stock Up on Medicine

After this treatment, there is almost certainly going to be a lot of pain and discomfort. The sutures can feel rather uncomfortable at first, especially if they use barbed sutures that dig into your skin. Because of that, pain medication is going to be your friend and you will need a lot of it. You should take the time to stock up on some extra painkillers before you even get the treatment. Sometimes if you contact your doctor about it, they can even provide you with ones you don’t normally have access to.

On the other hand aside from painkillers, you should also be ready with any of your medicine. However, you might not be able to take them in the same amounts. Procedures like this require adjustments in medication so you should talk to your doctor about that.

Don’t Exfoliate Right After the Treatment

For the next few days after the treatment, you should forgo your regular moisturizing schedule. The issue here is that your face will be feeling rather sensitive so you should avoid touching it too much. At the same time, the issue with this is that it can also risk dislodging or damaging the sutures if you massage your face. Besides, at the same time, the sutures are also generating more collagen which can improve hydration in your skin. How long you should avoid it can depend on your doctor, however, it can be for several weeks.

Do Make Sure You Get Plenty of Rest

Melbourne thread lift operates on an outpatient basis meaning that you will not have to stay overnight unless there are complications. However, even with that, it doesn’t mean you should still not get some rest.  A treatment like this takes a lot out of you so you will want to rest for the time being. Doctors insist that you do not do anything but rest for the first week after the treatment. This means no work, no physical activity, and no chores. In that time you should instead apply painkillers and ice as well as keep an eye out for side effects. If nothing goes wrong by the end of the week and you feel much better, then you can start going back to work. You have to work it up slowly though, starting small with house chores, then working your way back to physical activity by the end.

Don’t Smoke or Drink Alcohol Before or After the Procedure

During your initial consultation, your doctor will ask you about some of your habits. This includes whether or not you drink alcohol or smoke regularly. This is because this can be an issue with your treatment. Both of these are detrimental to your healing so you should avoid them at all times before and after the treatment. for alcohol, it can dehydrate you if you drink too much of it and smoking can affect oxygen and blood flow. During the treatment, you will need both of them. Meanwhile, after the fact, this can slow down healing even more and make it difficult for your body to recover.

Do Plenty of Research Before Deciding on This Treatment

Before anything else, you need to research what you’re getting into. More than just knowing what you want, there are a lot of things to know about the treatment. Research is the only way you can tell if this is the treatment for you before actually getting it. First of all, you should be sure to check on what it will do to you. You can check how much you have to pay for it and where it can be. Lastly, it can inform you of the risks of the treatment and any side effects it can have.

While doctors do discuss this in the consultation, it can be a bit too late then. Before you go into the treatment, you should already have some questions in mind about what to ask. Your doctor can only explain so much in a single session so if you want to get in the details, you need to know what this can ask. This can help get more into the consultation as you can move bast the basic stuff faster

Don’t Expose Yourself to Sunlight

One thing that can affect recovery from the Thread Lift Melbourne is overexposure to sunlight and heat. This is because this elevates your blood pressure which can make it harder to have your body settle. It is for similar reasons that you should avoid getting massages or putting pressure on your face. Because of that you should avoid directly exposing your face to sunlight for the time being. This shouldn’t be a problem if you aren’t going out. However, if you must go out then you should make sure to cover yourself with sunglasses and sunscreen. Even after you start going to work you should still cover yourself up.

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