Sweating is healthy and normal; everyone should sweat to some extent. However, for some people, things can start to get a little out of hand. A lot of people sometimes wonder if the amount they sweat is normal, and it can be hard sometimes to gauge on your own if what you experience is typical or not. There are a few signs however that may point to you having issues with not just sweating, but what is called hyperhidrosis, commonly called excessive sweating.

Why Sweating too Much Can Be Concerning

While it may be incredibly socially frustrating to sweat too much, it can also be a sign that you really should get checked out by a doctor. Secondary hyperhidrosis is caused by a lot of different things, many of which can be quite harmful if left untreated. In many people sweating to excess can be a symptom of another condition, that could be potentially a lot worse. If you are concerned you are sweating too much, don’t just try and hide it, especially if it has started suddenly or without any apparent cause. Many people with primary hyperhidrosis, the kind not caused by any underlying conditions that are causing it often start experiencing it quite young and regularly, so if this doesn’t sound like you, see your doctor, better safe than sorry in this case.

Symptoms of Excessive Sweating Problems?

The standout thing you are likely to notice that first draws your attention is your sweating starts to disrupt your life in some invasive way, often socially as it begins to affect your confidence. If you are finding yourself opting out of things you usually enjoy that involve others or your sweating is starting to cause you anxiety or increase your stress, this is not typical either. You may even find yourself sweating at night, which hasn’t happened to you in the past. Other than the obvious aspects you would attribute to sweating too much there are a few things that may point to an issue you thought was just merely you sweating a little more than others. If you start to experience skin infections, especially regularly, this is a potential complication of hyperhidrosis. These are all signs you may have hyperhidrosis, and should seek professional advice to help manage it before it starts to manage you instead.

Treatments for Excessive Sweating Problems

If you are finding your sweating is flaring up in tune with your anxiety or stress levels, this can be addressed using the help of psychotherapy and in combination with something to directly address the sweat glands if desired, provided there is no physical secondary cause that needs addressing. Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to significantly reduce the amount of sweat released by directly applying tiny injections over a problematic area, often the armpits. Sometimes nerve-blocking medications are used depending on your specific situation to reduce the signalling sent by nerves to the sweat glands. There is also a process called iontophoresis, where a small electric current is delivered to the affected areas, that is considered in some situations.

Surgery for Excessive Sweating

In recent years there is a growing movement to shy away from surgery unless absolutely necessary, especially with cosmetic medicine or optional treatments. However, for a condition like this, sometimes people can be frustrated enough and want a more permanent solution, this is something that can be offered as a last resort. The overactive sweat glands can be removed, or the nerves stimulating them severed, considering how effective anti-wrinkle injections can be for many people, and far less invasive these days this is a less popular way to go.

What to Do If You Have Excessive Sweating?

If you have concerns you may be sweating excessively, the best thing you can do is seek professional assessment and advice on what you can do to assist with your problem. Depending on the cause of your excessive sweating, different approaches may be recommended, and the severity of your situation may also affect what is recommended to you as well. Skin Club in Melbourne treat excessive sweating with their skill and experience gained providing Melbourne with a broad range of cosmetic treatments. Book a consultation today and see what you can do to get your excessive sweating under control.

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