Home remedies exist for just about any conceivable condition so of course, this is something people wonder about when it comes to hair loss as well. If you are dealing with hair loss, it’s not uncommon to reach a point you are willing to try just about anything. Hair loss is complicated though, which isn’t taken into account with a lot of the suggestions people make and the products you might stumble across in a supermarket or in an advertisement thrown at you after you were searching for a solution.

Hair Loss Isn’t Caused by One Thing

There’s a broad range of reasons people’s hair begins to thin or they experience excessive hair loss. Sometimes it can be something genetic; often you may be able to spot this with patterns in your family line. It can also be a result of a deficiency caused by poor diet or other health problems, that are stopping your body from providing your hair with the necessary building blocks to grow well. There’s a variety of medical issues that can cause hair loss as well, even medications you may take for conditions you have, a potential side effect of a lot of medications is hair loss. As hair loss is so complicated, it makes it difficult just to use a single treatment for everyone. Sometimes “band-aid” approaches can be counterproductive as well, merely masking another problem, one that could even be potentially quite severe and should be addressed.

What Natural Remedies for Hair Loss Are There?

If you look around you could find a list you would have trouble keeping organised the list of suggestions floating around is so long. Everything from green tea, yoghurt, honey, olive oil, eggs, coconut milk, onions, and so much more gets suggested. Most suggestions involve in one way or another preparing something and slathering your hair and scalp in it. A well-balanced diet is a natural remedy everyone should consider no matter your condition, and something that can be quite beneficial if you are experiencing hair loss or reduced hair quality.

Do Natural Remedies for Hair Loss Really Work?

This is a broad question, and it also depends on the cause of your hair loss. For example, improving your diet if you are experiencing poor hair quality due to lacking adequate nutrition is a great idea. However, if you have an underlying health issue causing your hair loss, no amount of green tea or eggs are likely to help, especially when applied topically. The disappointing reality is a lot of home remedies for hair loss, largely because hair loss is so complicated, do little more than leaving your hair feeling sticky and at best a feeling a little softer.

What Does Work for Hair Loss?

Professional help is key to not just finding the cause for your hair loss whenever possible, but finding the right treatments to help you regrow hair and improve the thickness of your hair. Having your medical history examined and even a baseline blood test to look for potential causes is an essential step in any conscientious attempt at treating hair loss. You may find you are a great candidate for PRP injections or other treatments, that have been able to provide impressive results for a lot of long-standing sufferers of hair loss in recent years since its inception. Treating underlying causes where they exist is also something that is vital for those that suffer hair loss caused by an untreated medical issue.

Treating Hair Loss in Melbourne

If you are in Melbourne, you have the expertise of the exceptional Cosmetic Doctors at Skin Club on your doorstep. They are well-versed in dealing with various kinds of hair loss and providing their patients with personalised treatment, based on what they need to best approach their specific circumstances and types of hair loss. They start your journey off with an in-depth consultation, taking the time to assess your hair and scalp accurately, as well as have you get a baseline blood test to help rule out some potential causes for hair loss and factors that may be contributing. Book an obligation-free consultation at Skin Club in Melbourne and get back to enjoying your hair instead of trying to hide it.

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