Why do you lose volume in our faces when we age?

You lose volume in your face because the reproduction of collagen and elastin slows down as you age. The collagen provides volume and youthfulness to your skin, while elastin delivers firmness and elasticity which makes your skin look soft.

Collagen and elastin are naturally produced by the body during your younger days. However, as you reach mid-age, your body gradually reduces its ability to refurbish the natural supply of collagen and elastin in your skin. Thus, the process of skin aging.

Can skin aging be reversed?

While there is more than one way to slow down the process of aging, there are dermatologically tested techniques that can help fight the advances of skin aging. One of the most popular cosmetic options for reversing skin aging is dermal fillers.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectables that help restore volume, firmness, elasticity, and youthfulness in your skin. This technique uses the innovative system of hyaluronic acid. This substance induces the production of collagen and elastin in your skin.

Our dermal fillers Kew help fill the gaps between the unwarranted folds, creases, and lines on your skin. It restores lost volume and elasticity to the key areas of your face. In some cases, dermal fillers can also help solve minor nose deformities.

Our Dermal Filler Procedure in Kew

At SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors, each dermal filler procedure starts with an initial consultation. Your cosmetic doctor will work with you to understand your personal needs. This will help us determine the best skin reborn preference that suits your face and body.

We believe that every individual is unique, hence, you deserve a dermal filler treatment that is tailored to your needs. Thus, after your initial consultation, you will be given an option to have a same-day treatment or you may choose another day that suits your schedule.

The procedure starts with the application of numbing cream to the areas where dermal fillers are to be administered. The numbing cream will help reduce any discomfort that you may experience during the treatment. After the application of the numbing cream, the injection sites will be marked to ensure effectiveness and reliability.

The fillers are inserted using medical-grade anesthetic-sterilized equipment. Dermal filler injections are administered gradually into the skin to stimulate the reproduction of collagen and elastin. On average, the procedure takes twenty to thirty minutes or even less. The duration of the procedure varies on the needs of the patients.

After the procedure, you will be given an aftercare regimen that provides the DOs and DON’Ts during the next few weeks of recovery time. Although dermal filler treatments have no to minimal downtime, it is highly recommended that you diligently follow the aftercare information provided by your Kew cosmetic doctors.

Duration of Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers last between six months to two years in most cases. Although there are fillers that can last for as long as five years, keep in mind that dermal fillers are truly temporary in nature. It works similarly to the natural components of your skin. These are the wonders of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers.

HA works naturally once it is administered to your skin. It gradually integrates into your skin tissues and as it reaches its mid-duration, it gradually slows down the production of collagen and elastin. Thus, you will notice a decline in the volume of the skin.

The longevity of dermal fillers depends on the amount of fillers administered, the area of the face or body where they are administered, and other factors that may have an impact on dermal fillers. Some of these factors include your lifestyle and habits. For people who smoke and drink alcohol, there is a high risk of shorter longevity for your dermal fillers.

Dermal Filler Removal

Can dermal fillers be removed?

Although dermal filler removal rarely happens, the answer is a simple “yes.” Removal of dermal fillers is usually the result of improper filler administration or improper aftercare process. However, dermal fillers can be safely and easily removed with hyaluronidase. This is a naturally occurring substance that naturally dissolved hyaluronic acid-based fillers.

Are there adverse effects after a dermal filler treatment?

Adverse reactions to dermal fillers are extremely low. Most dermal fillers use a plant-derived substance that works well with the human body. However, some dermal fillers contain a dose of lidocaine which is a sedative to help patients with lower pain threshold feel more comfortable. Thus, if you have allergic reactions to anesthetics or other sedatives, it is best to let your cosmetic doctor know about it.

Adverse effects after getting a dermal filler treatment can be prevented by finding experienced and licensed cosmetic doctors that are sure to provide a dream come true dermal filler treatment. Although you may experience some swelling, redness, bruising, and soreness at the injection sites, these are normal reactions that will subside in a couple of days.

Is the administration of dermal fillers painful?

Before the actual injecting of dermal filler takes place, a numbing cream or topical anesthetics will be applied to the injection sites. This will ensure a painless and comfortable procedure. If you have a lower tolerance to pain, there are dermal fillers with sedative components to lower the risks of any discomfort.

Just like any other cosmetic procedure, dermal filler treatments may have some downtimes. Patients may feel some soreness from the injection after the effect of the sedative wears off. However, you may ask your cosmetic doctor to prescribe some pain relievers to help you ward off the pain during your recovery period.

Our Takeaway

While dermal fillers are the most popular skin volumizing technique today, choosing the right provider should always be part of the equation. Getting your dermal fillers from non-professionals may cause severe damages to your skin and your dreams.

Professional and experienced cosmetic doctors underwent extensive training to ensure that you get the best dermal filler treatment that suits you and your lifestyle. Thus, it is important to consult the best providers of dermal fillers near you.

Let your dreams take shape with our Kew dermal fillers, visit SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors today!


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