Dermal fillers are suitable for men and women age twenties to forties, fifties, and up. Dermal filler treatments are popular due to their safety and their long lasting result. However, not all types of dermal filler are appropriate per age group. 

Patients in their 20s

The signs of ageing for patients in their 20s are not severe yet to undergo cosmetic treatments. The use facial fillers can be mainly for enhancing aesthetics and appearance. Lip fillers are the most popular treatment in this age group. 

Patients in their 30s

The signs of aging are noticeable for patients in their 30s. This is the period where patients begin to look for solutions for their crow’s feet and bags or hollows under the eyes. HA based dermal fillers is an ideal treatment to fight the signs of ageing and keep the skin hydrated. 

Patients in their 40s and up 

Patients in their 40s have deeper lines and wrinkles. There are several factors why wrinkles develop and some are more pronounced. These include smoking, sun exposure, genetics, and the repetitive facial movement. Although we are unable to prevent aging, dermal fillers are recommended along with other treatments such as laser therapies and other skin care regime to slow down the process.

It is important to choose a cosmetic doctor who is experienced and knowledgeable to discuss any of your concerns and to ensure the safety and success of the treatment.  You can book an appointment now at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors to determine the right treatment for you at (03) 9999 7368. 

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