Wrinkles can develop anywhere on the face because of ageing and can be addressed with the dermal fillers or other types of facial treatments. In addition, other factors that can increase early formation of wrinkles are the everyday activities like talking, laughing, or squinting when reading or looking at your phone. Dermal fillers add volume and redefines the facial features for a more younger looking appeal. 


A dermal filler is used for non-surgical medical treatments through injections and correct the signs of ageing. There are 2 forms of injectable treatments which are hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers and neuromodulators (Anti Wrinkle Injections). While both can improve the characteristics of the skin, HA fillers work by creating volume whote Anti Wrinkle Injections relaxes the muscles. 

Dermal fillers provided many people the opportunity to enhance their facial features. Below are some frequently asked questions why we there are several specialized fillers existing. 

  1. Why Is There A Need for Different Fillers For Different Areas Of The Face?

There are some parts of the face that are more sensitive and tricky to treat. For instance, the eye area is delicate and ages faster than the other areas like the jaw. The doctor determines the best product to use depending on the facial muscles and other factors such as their mechanism and the severity of the ageing process. 

2. Is There A Universal Dermal Filler? 

Teosyal Global Action can be injected on multiple sites on the face. It is used to correct medium slines and can decrease depth and appearance of wrinkles 

3. Which Filler Is Used For The Eye Area?

Redensity ll has a special formulation to treat the delicate eye area.

4. What Is The Best Filler For The Lips?

Teosyal Kiss is the most effective filler to add volume and plump the lips. The lips are very delicate to treat and the components of Teosyal Kiss can effectively cross-link underneath the skin. The result can last up to 12 months with maintenance top-ups usually required after the 3 to 4 month mark. 

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