Celebrities and models all around the globe are getting dermal fillers nowadays, pumping the hype for them even higher! They are already regarded as one of the best ways there are to revitalize your face and feel young one more time, but their popularity does not stop there. No, it continues to grow with each year! There are more and more treatments being booked, making dermal fillers one of the most important components of the whole cosmetic industry.

However, since you can most often spot rich people talking about dermal fillers and showing off the results in themselves, you might get the idea that they are too expensive for you. Nothing could be further from the truth! Dermal fillers have an excellent value when you compare their price to the estimated effects, and they are not even that expensive on their own! There is a whole range of way more expensive procedures, and this guide will show you exactly why derma fillers are the way to go.

What determines the cost of a dermal filler?

There are a couple of factors when it comes to the price of the treatment, and every individual treatment is considered on its own. The first, and often the biggest, variable is the expertise of your doctor. A qualified professional will surely ask for more than a novice who just opened his clinic would.

However, stay cautious! Do not even think of going to an inexperienced doctor just because he offers a lower price! When it comes to cosmetic treatments, you want to get the absolute best you can find, as you will be much more pleased with the results. Why pay for treatment after treatment to fix the errors of the previous doctor, when you can find a professional who has done countless treatments in their life and will provide you precisely with what you need? Think about that!

The second factor which determines the price of a dermal filler injection is the type of procedure, which usually means the area you want filled. Some places are more difficult to inject than others, requiring a more delicate approach, and some areas require much more of the filler, further winding the price up.

You should also keep in mind that prices vary highly based on the geographic location. Make sure to do some research beforehand to find the average prices in your area, as to not risk getting scammed by a clinic which wants to earn a couple extra bucks on the uninformed!

Does the substance used in the filler matter?

Of course, it does! In fact, it is probably the most varying determiner of the price. There are a lot of different fillers available on the market, which gives you plenty of options to choose from.

Dermal Fillers How Much Do They Cost

The most common choice, and one of the cheapest there are is hyaluronic acid. Fillers based on hyaluronic acid are getting a lot of publicity lately – and not without a good cause! These babies are effective, painless, and of course – inexpensive. An average cost of a hyaluronic acid-based injection varies around $400, depending on the area you target.

Another cheap option for dermal fillers is calcium hydroxylapatite, found in Radiesse products. It provides similar, immediate effects to hyaluronic acid, but gets fully absorbed after about three months. However, it enhances the collagen fibres in our skin, making the effect more permanent. The price is also quite enticing, as it starts at around $380.

A bit more expensive alternative is a substance called polylactic acid, used by Sculptra in their products. Polylactic acid works in a slightly different way, as it does not produce any immediately visible results. However, the effects start appearing gradually, as the acid rebuilds the lost collagen, making them appear more natural. It also lasts as long as two years, and sometimes even longer! You can find treatments with a price range starting around $850.

Probably the most expensive and most unique filler is your own fat tissue. You have heard correctly – a doctor will use a sample of fat tissue from your own body, usually from belly or thighs. This type of procedure is far more complicated than the other ones, but the results will stay with you for years to come! That is, of course, if you can afford the whopping price of it, as it can easily reach $2000, and sometimes even higher!

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