When the jowls begin to droop due to volume loss, fillers is the best method to fill out and reshape the sagging areas around the face and jawline. 


Dermal fillers improves the effects of ageing in the jawline by contouring and tightening without the need of getting surgery. This treatment is effective and least costly to define and reshape the external appearance of your jaw bone. 

The following are some common complaints for aging jawlines: 

  1. Wrinkles On The Chin And Jawline

Wrinkles and creases are reduced with the help of dermal fillers. Many of our inquiries in the clinic are about the skin’s improvement caused by aging. It can be used in conjunction with Anti Wrinkle Injections to relax the facial muscles and aids in smoothing out the area. Fillers last up to 12 months and a patient can have a top up to maintain the full effect. 

2. Sagging Jawline

There are surgical and nonsurgical procedures for treating a sagging jawline. At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, we focus on noninvasive procedures. Our doctor may use hyaluronic acid gel fillers to restore the youthful appearance but replacing lost volume that will lift the neck and jaw. 

3. Receding Chin And Weak Jawline

Receding chin and weak jawline are usually due to genetics. The hyaluronic acid (HA) filler can define and volume of lower area of the face to improve the shape and appearance. 

To determine if dermal fillers are right for your aesthetic goals to restore a youthful and energetic appearance, contact the clinic to book a consultation with Dr. Vihang Sharma.

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