Aside from anti-wrinkles and laser treatments, dermal filler is another great option to reverse the effects of aging that is commonly visible around the mouth. 


The repetitive movement of the mouth produces deep nasolabial folds ( “smile lines” or “laugh lines”) inevitably as we age. Because the volume, collagen and hydration in this area decreases, it has been a concern among older patients and even to some patients in their 20s. The popularity of this treatment for those with a busy lifestyle is due to the short time it takes for the procedure and has little downtime. 

At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, Teosyal dermal filler is used for the treatment and will be based on how deep the wrinkles are and how much volume has been lost. The results typically last somewhere between 6 and 12 months, similar to any other dermal filler procedure. 

Dr. Vihang Sharma will perform the treatment and will base amount of the filler on the condition of volume loss, wrinkles, and lines. There are cases wherein the fillers on the cheeks will  remove the deep nasolabial folds and also contouring the face. After the treatment, the patient is required for medical reviews to monitor the dose injected. 

Smiles lines can deepen and wrinkles can multiply as we age. It is important to get a treatment during the early signs of ageing around the mouth and nose as it will be beneficial for those who would want to retain their youthful appearance. 

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