One of the most common procedures in the field of aesthetic medicine is facial injections, which can be performed to enhance and correct the skin, and are usually used to treat fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, and laxity in the face. Facial injections are one of the quickest ways to improve the appearance of your skin. However, with the growing popularity of facial injections, you are likely to find that there are many risks and issues of this treatment as well. Although doctors are generally fine giving this treatment, there are times and areas where they are much more reluctant to offer their help.

What are The Risks in These Areas

So what is it that separates these dangerous areas from the rest of your body? What is it that makes them more dangerous and which makes Melbourne facial slimming injections less feasible? Well, one issue with this treatment is the areas themselves. Some parts of your body are simply more sensitive than others. They could be made of soft tissue that can get damaged from injections such as your eyes. Other times the issue is not with that part but the area around it. In many cases, they could have something underneath that gets in the way of the treatment. Things such as blood vessels and nerves are common obstructions. While it is possible to get around them, doctors prefer to avoid those areas altogether and can even refuse treatment.

If you accidentally inject something into your blood vessels, this can cause several issues. The most common one is blood clotting. By injecting a foreign substance into your body, you increase the chance of blockage in those blood vessels. From there, your blood that flows has nowhere to go and instead builds up there. This can manifest in dark red spots forming on the surface of your skin. Aside from that, there is also the risk of bleeding from the damage it causes to your blood vessel. That is not even mentioning the risks of infection it has toy our blood by injecting foreign substances in it.

As for your nerves, you can also experience similar issues with it if you accidentally puncture them. Here though instead of bleeding, it can affect how your body functions. Sometimes nerve damage can prevent you from feeling these areas and leave that place numb. Depending on how bad it is, you may need to get treatment for it. Other times it can be permanent.

Danger Areas for Injections

Around your Eyes

The area around your eyes can be a major risk for facial slimming injections Melbourne. This is a real issue as this area is one of the most common places people want to be treated. At the same time, it is also one of the areas that can benefit most from cosmetic injectables such as fillers. This is because this part of your skin is thinner than the rest, meaning it can suffer from sunken and lack of volume. However, some doctors are reluctant to treat this area or even refuse to treat it altogether.

The first issue is probably the most obvious, that being how close it is to your eyes. Many doctors are reluctant to inject this area for fear of accidentally hitting and damaging your eyes. Aside from that, since your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body, there is a lot underneath. Below the skin, you can find plenty of small blood vessels and nerves essential to your eye’s function. This also makes it difficult to get a clear shot for injection. Just one missed shot can affect seriously affect your vision, sometimes even permanently.

Bridge of Your Nose

Although there are also nonsurgical treatment options for your nose, these still carry quite a few risks for it. Sometimes it can be more than you realize. People often get this treatment as a way to reduce the bumps on their noses or correct their shape of it. The area is quite hard which can make it difficult to inject the area. However, it is important to know that there is a major artery there known as the angular artery. Damaging this artery is usually what causes things like nosebleeds to happen. Damaging it no can cause a lot of serious issues including excessive bleeding.

Around Your Temples

The most common dangerous area to avoid is the temples. Aside from the issues of nerves and blood vessels, there are other issues that people associate with this area. Most of these injections are administered directly into the forehead. However, if doctors do not administer the injection properly, it can cause infection and pain. The infection happens when you damage the tissue. For one, any damage in this area can also affect your ability to eat. Some people report that after getting an injection here, they have a harder time chewing.


The Glabella is the area just above your nose but in between your eyebrows. Like your nose, this area has its own set of blood vessels that can make treating it difficult. The risk of damaging blood vessels, specifically the supraorbital and supratrochlear arteries are high. Aside from just blood clotting, other issues can form if you accidentally inject this area. For the supratrochlear, damaging this can form a band-like area as a result. This is the tissue around the artery getting damaged and scarring which can be quite prominent.

Nasolabial grooves

Also known as the smile lines, these are the areas besides your lips along with the corner and nose. Like with all these different danger zones there are more than a few blood vessels there. In particular, the facial artery runs through this area which is important for blood flow around this area. Damaging it can cut off blood flow around your lips and the skin around it.

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