One of the main reasons people are seeking lip augmentation these days is to gain an increase in lip size; this often results in a very youthful look that is currently extremely on-trend across social media, and with many celebrities taking advantage of modern lip filler treatments. Interest in non-surgical lip augmentation is growing, just as it is with other non-surgical cosmetic treatments because they can provide amazing results without as much if any downtime, and without any cutting or lengthy recovery periods.

Lip fillers can help you adapt the size and shape of your lips to suit your desired look, provided your goals are achievable through the addition of material, they can’t reduce lip size. So if you want to customise your lips, lip filler treatments might be the perfect option for your needs. Lip filler treatments take on average only 15 minutes to perform, making them not just an effective way to customise your lips but an incredibly efficient one as well.

Restoration and Rejuvenation

One of the great things lip filler can acheive is a restoration of the volume loss that occurs in the lips during the ageing process, making them a fantastic tool for regaining lip size lost over the years. As you get older, your lips and surrounding area are very common areas for displaying the signs of ageing as they start to crease and wrinkles start to form. Thinner lips are a very common thing to see with aging, and when the volume is restored, it will often help the appearance of the surrounding areas as it will reduce excess skin. Even if targeting the lips alone don’t quite get those fine lines and wrinkles under control, dermal fillers are fantastic at targeting these concerns directly.

Lacking Lip Symmetry

Another reason you may want to customise the look of your lips is when you have an imbalance in regards to size, maybe the top and bottom aren’t quite in proportions that look natural or perhaps one side is slightly bigger than the other. Fixing lip asymmetry of the lips can be quickly acheived with a skilled eye and a precision application of fillers to get everything looking great but also balanced and harmonious as well. Facial balance can make a huge difference to your overall look when all your features are well balanced in proportion, so lip fillers can be a brilliant solution if your lips aren’t just quite the fit you’d like them to be with the rest of your features or even just each other.

Improve Your Smile

When you are uncomfortable about the look of your smile, it can make it really hard to be comfortable and outgoing when you are feeling self-conscious about how your smile looks all the time. This surprisingly common concern is casually referred to as a “gummy smile”, and this is something else that your lips can be customized with lip fillers to assist with. If you feel like your gums and teeth are too visible when you smile you may not have even considered customizing your lip look could help with this, by increasing the size of your lips where needed you can reduce the visibility of your teeth and especially gums when you smile, this can make a huge difference to the look of your smile and have you showing a lot less of your gums.

Bigger is Sometimes Just Better

For a lot of people just having an increased lip size is something they feel will help them look their best, this is something lip fillers excel at. They can increase your lips in size, with the results also feeling incredibly natural to the touch. While they are amazing at producing exquisite subtle and natural-looking results with more discrete increases in size, if you are looking for real stand-out pouty lips, lip fillers can help you either way.

No matter what kind of lip customization you are seeking, Skin Club in Melbourne are experts in performing lip filler injections. Using their extensive experience to help their clients acheive a wide range of looks and deal with a huge range of concerns they may have. Find out if lip filler treatments are a great option for you by booking one of their obligation-free in-depth consultations where you can discuss your desired changes and talk directly to an experienced Cosmetic Doctor about the best way to acheive the lip look you’ve been chasing.

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