Want a crisp young jaw line that you use to have in the younger days? Well 2015 is your year.

We had a chat with Dr. Pallavi Sharma the Medical Director at SKIN CLUB, to tell us about the new treatment heading to our shores in Australia.

Having a sharp jaw line has always shown to be an attractive and youthful trait among men and woman. According to Dr. Pallavi Sharma Cosmetic Surgeons have to resort to expensive, invasive and painful surgical procedures to treat the double chin. But now the FDA in the United States has approved a new product called Kybella. “It helps treat the pockets of stubborn fat under the chin by dissolving it with relative ease” says Dr. Sharma.

It will require repeat treatments but will be in very high demand as it is safer than having liposuction or surgery under the chin and most importantly being non-invasive. Dr Pallavi Sharma explains that patient’s may have to receive up to 50 injections to treat the double but the aneasthetic introduced with the product will make sure the treatment is painless.

The Kybella product has gone through rigorous testing in the United States with double blind trials being held across the country. Dr. Pallavi Sharma breaks down the 2 key points of the trial:

– 1000+ subjects were injected with Kybella and they were more likely to lose fat under the chin than those injected with placebo.
-When Kybella was injected it would destroy the fat and envelopes the fat cells. What this means is that there is small risk of ulcers in the skin if injected wrong, hence it must be used by experienced and trained hands.

The fat dissolving phenomena has swept Australia before with many practitioners offering deoxycholic acid as a fat melting solution. But the problem with the treatment in the rest of the world has been that it does not allow for any standardisation of the product being used. Its usually just compounded by pharmacies without scrutiny. From all reports, Kybella will have a distinct hologram to protect its users and doctors from counterfeit products being supplied. A hologram on Kybella’s packaging is designed to deter counterfeiters.

Dr. Sharma has said that some of the side effects to be expected will be swelling,  pain, bruising, and sometimes hardness in treated areas. Cosmetic Doctors will be informed that the product has only been approved for the double chin in the United States and does not carry approval for anywhere else on the body. This will be an interesting scenario as patient’s will be requesting this drug to be injected in different parts of the body once they see its success, according to Dr. Sharma. A tricky situation ahead.

Most importantly Kybella is a product that can remove fat from the stubborn areas. Dr. Sharma states that this is not a product for weight loss but rather for aesthetic purposes such as contouring and adding shape to the jaw line.

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