Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world’s best football players with outstanding football skills and superstar looks. From his goofy teenage looks to one of the most famous perfect faces, it is not a surprise that there are surrounding rumors about cosmetic enhancements. A Portuguese magazine stated that he may have spent thousands of euros to acheive his smooth face and an Instagram comment mentioned he may have an addiction to correct slight defects on his face. Although Ronaldo has never responded to the rumors, his sister Katia Aveiro has taken his defense on a Portuguese television interview.

(Before and After Photos of Cristiano Ronaldo)

Here’s a closer look at Ronaldo’s cosmetic surgery rumors.  

  • Forehead – Experts believe that this can be accredited to regular Anti Wrinkle Injections injections. Anti-wrinkle injections create a natural look, erasing lines, and can result in an eyebrow lift.
  • Cheeks and Nose Lines – Dermal fillers are believed to be the reason the deep lines around Ronaldo’s mouth and nose have softened. The minimally invasive procedure is designed to restore volume and improve wrinkles to provide a more youthful appearance.
  • Teeth – Ronaldo was once described with small, feeble, and crooked teeth. His orthodontic treatment has certainly replaced gaps and uneven teeth to a perfect smile.
  • Hairline – It has been said that Ronaldo has undergone Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to improve his receding hairline and avoid the inevitable baldness. 
  • Nose – Ronaldo’s nose is now narrower than it was 10 years ago. It is believed that he had minor shaping to the tip of his nose
  • Eyebrows – Ronaldo’s signature look is his well-shaped eyebrows by few frequent trips to the salon. 

Ronaldo’s physique and performance are accredited to his discipline in the gym and kitchen. To acheive his sculpted abs, you need 3 – 4 hours five days a week of resistance, cardio, sprints, and technical drills training. His diet is structured by six small meals a day that consists of vegetables and protein 100 percent of the time. This means sugar is out of the menu and there is no room for “cheat” days if you want to follow his diet. 

While it may seem impossible to acheive a Ronaldo six-pack, many are opting to go under Vaser High Definition Liposuction. This procedure creates a more sculpted and athletic shape without missing any cheat meals and enjoying a day of rest from training. However, it is unlikely to replicate his physique without your 110% commitment and discipline and on his soccer skills and endurance. 

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