When it comes to stopping the formation of wrinkles and getting rid of them, nothing does the job quite like botulinum toxin or anti wrinkle injections. But, is everything you’re hearing and believing really the truth? We set the story straight and dispel 10 of the biggest myths out there with Dr. Pallavi Sharma, the medical director of SKIN CLUB in Windsor, Melbourne.

1. Anti wrinkle injections can be used anywhere on the face.

No. And if the nurse or clinician is using it in unknown areas then stop and rethink if you’re really at the right clinic. The most effective areas are crows feet (around the eyes), forehead lines, reducing jaw size and getting rid of gummy smiles. Anti wrinkle injections also have creative uses but you should consult your medical practitioner about off label uses. Remember the injector is only good if they can manage your complications and most are not qualified medical doctors or are not under the correct supervision.

2. It works instantly.

Because anti wrinkle injections act on several nerves controlling muscle movement, usual treatments take between 24 hours to 7 days to work depending on the person. However with advent of new treatments available a product beginning with “X” has a quicker action time and can provide you with great results. We can’t name it for legal reasons, but ask your Cosmetic doctor about this product.

3. You can’t be allergic to anti wrinkle injections.

Anyone can be allergic to anything, however there have been very few number of cases regarding allergic reactions. By ensuring you have a cosmetic doctor injecting you then you should be rest assured that the your treatment is safe.

4. If you workout you need more anti wrinkle.

While this would seem to be true, the scientific studies are still pending. What we are seeing as a collective group of cosmetic doctors is that patient’s with anti wrinkle injections who exercise frequently have more treatments on an annual basis. Whether exercisers seek treatments more frequently because the treatments that are less effective, or that people who exercise are keener to to remain looking youthful, remains to be seen.

5. Is there such thing as anti wrinkle injection tolerance?

Although rare, in some cases anti wrinkle injections become less effective as the number of years of use increases. What that means is that a person requires more units to get the desired effect. This is likely due to the body treating the anti wrinkle injection as a foreign product and making antibodies to reduce its effect.

6. If you have a surgical face lift or blepharoplasty then you won’t need anti wrinkle.

These procedures simply handle the problem superficially and are super expensive. You are using money to remove excess skin and tissue however the problem causing the wrinkles in the first place is never addressed. With Anti wrinkles as a prevention tool and treatment, you go straight to the problem which is the muscle layer that causes the wrinkling. The product must act on the right muscles and must be placed by a trained practitioner to give you the true anti ageing benefits.

Even after surgery you need the anti wrinkle treatment to soften the lines and prevent wrinkles from being formed. Its about conserving youth not removing age!

7. It’s safe to have anyone inject anti wrinkles as long as they pretty and wear nice clothes.

A cosmetic procedure is a medical procedure. Don’t let your cosmetic fate be left in untrained hands. Trust medical practitioners, ask the right questions and feel safe before proceeding. Don’t go cheap! You are not buying petrol but rather dealing with procedures that can hurt you physically, monetarily and emotionally if they go wrong.

Hopefully these tips help you make the right decision and make the your next cosmetic procedure allot more rewarding. Dr. Pallavi Sharma is qualified cosmetic doctor at SKIN CLUB in Windsor, Melbourne.

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