Cosmetic treatments are increasing especially among young people in Australia. The popular choices for noninvasive procedures are dermal fillers in the lips and cheeks and anti-wrinkle injections. It has been reported that Australians had spent over $1 billion in 2015 in comparison to the $773 million in 2012 on these cosmetic procedures.

A change of attitude towards cosmetic surgery

In the SBS Insight “Picture Perfect”, the episode covered young people fixing themselves through non-invasive cosmetic treatments to get a more casual outlook. 

Insight’s first guest was Kurt Coleman, a 19-year-old Melbourne sider who is famous through the social media revolution. He has over 175,000 Instagram followers and has become Australia’s face of cosmetic surgery. He started enhancing his look at the age of 18 years old and does it because he sees it as creative and more relaxed than having your hair dyed. 

It is the same level of casualness for 22-year-old Rita Abdul, who grew up in Kuwait, towards cosmetic procedures. She has had lip fillers and anti-wrinkle injections to enhance her features and take pride in her appearance. She is confident and shares her cosmetic experiences on Instagram and Snapchat like Coleman. 

Cosmetic procedures are a cultural issue

A 17-year-old guest was the youngest to appear on Insight. Summer had lip fillers to enhance her self-esteem and confidence. She hated her lips and felt extremely low and seeing how this is important to her, her mum agreed with the procedure. 

Sarah McMahon, a clinical psychologist, stated that cosmetic surgery is being a norm amongst teenagers due to medical society and because of fashion. She said that people under 18 years old and under should feel safe in their skin. She argues that a psychological issue can’t be just stopped with a cosmetic intervention. 

According to Aska Lagodko, a cosmetic nurse specializing in injectables, people under 25 years old are going through cosmetic treatments to prevent aging rather than to restore youthful looks. 

Research shows young people are having cosmetic surgery for “sensible reasons”

Research by Meredith Jones from Brunel University shows that young people have sensible reasons for getting cosmetic procedures. While she disagrees with minors getting permanent cosmetic procedures, she explained that this has been already established in our social culture. She compared getting cosmetic treatments to getting orthodontic braces to get your teeth fixed as decided by the parents. 

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